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Sasural Simar Ka 5th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says who is she ? Roli says she is the younger sister of Pari bhabhi. Simar says she must have come to meet apri that’s good. Roli says nothing is good didi. Simar says what you mean ? Roli says I was unable to tell you this but I can’t conceal anymore. Surbhi and Prem have got engaged. I wish I was there with you I know what you are going through. I wanted to tell you before but they got engaged before I met you. Please say something. Simar says I considered sunnaina my fate I thought that my family was no more in my fate but when I came to know the reality of sunnaina’s accident. I thought I have resurrected and I will live with my prem and Anjali. I will be back to my family. She is crying hard. She goes on and says life broke this hope as well. Roli says

I will never let that happen. THis is simar’s family and will always be. You won’t be parted for long, I vow. SHe disconnects the call. They are both in tears. Roli says I never wanted to hurt surbhi but didi and jeju can’t be separated. SHe left us to save me and its my turn to save her.

Simar recalls her moments with Prem, when she got married to him. She cries and remembers when she had such wonderful times with him. She is crying so hard. SHe recalls when prem called her his heartbeat.

Scene 2
roli says there is some relation between sunnaina’s death and that hospital. I will go there and figure out the truth soon.
She goes downstairs and sees that pandit ji is there. Pari welcomes him and says we can’t wait for this wedding. Sujata says yes want this to happen soon. Jhanvi and her son come. Everyone welcome them. Anurga is there too. Mata ji asks is everything okay ? He says yes mom has gone with bua ji. I have to go America for two months training. Mausi ji says so you will leave nirvana and jhanvi here. Don’t worry they can live here. Anurag says yeah I would have been worried for them. Sid says uma bhabhi handles all the kids she will take care of nirvana as well. pari says you have come on right time, panditt ji is about to get the date for surbhi and prem’s wedding. Mata ji says you will have to come to the wedding. He says yeah I will come. Mausi ji says I will give you the list of things from Us. He laughs and says I will bring them for sure. He says good bye to nirvana and jhanvi and everyone else. He leaves. Sujata ji say we want the best date so their life starts blissfully. Roli wonders what can I do to stop pandit ji. She prays to God to show her the way. Khushi wonders whats wrong with roli. Roi falls on the floor. Khushi screams roli bhabhi. Everyone runs to her. Sid says roli open your eyes. Uma says let me bring the water. Prem says sid take her to the room. Sid takes her upstairs. Mata ji says jhanvi take nirvana to Anjali’s room and don’t let her know anything. Mata ji says pandit ji we have to delay it for sometime. Until roli is not well we can’t decide a date. Pari says in heart because of this roli the date of wedding is not decided.

Everyone is in room with roli. Sid says open your eyes. SHe opesn her eyes. SId ask what happened to you ? roli says I felt weak and then I swooned. Maat ji says whats happening to you roli. We can’t ignore it. Sid take her to the hospital and get her checked. Roli thinks this is the best time to go to that hospital. She says can you take me nathjevanji hospital. I heard that their staff is so good. Sid says she is not really well. She never goes to hospital and now she is recommending the name as well. Mata ji says take her where ever she wants.

Scene 3
Sid and roli reach the hospital. He ask who recommended this hospital to you ? ROli says aditi. He says meeting her is the privilege of my life. I mean didn’t she ever tell you that taking care of yourself is good too. Its better to sleep at time and eat on time and be romantic with your husband. Roli smiles and says stop it. They go in to the hospital.
Roli sits somewhere and sid goes to take the appointment. SHe says everthing seems normal here. Simar calls her and asks how are you ? Roli says I am fine and trying to get closer to truth.pandit ji came to decide date for wedding. I controlled the situation and this is delayed for sometime. Sanju comes and asks simar to play with her. Siamr says am busy. simar asks roli are you not home? rolu says I am in hospoital. This is the same hospital I talked about. Someone comes and places hand on roli’s shoulder. SHe is scared. Its sid.

Precap- Some nurses make roli unconscious and take her to restricted area. A nurse comes to karthik and tells her that the girl has been sent to restricted area. He says good. one patient is left after his operation bring that girl.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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