Sasural Simar Ka 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 5th July 2013 Written Update

Sid refuses for the marriage with Jhumki. Jhumki hears his conversation with Simar regarding this and is hurt. She leaves from there. Sid continues to Simar, this is my last decision and I will take responsibility of explaining to Mataji. Uma comes and tells Sid that Mataji is calling him. Simar is worried and wonders how she can explain to Sid.

Everyone is in mataji’s room, taking care of her. Sid comes. Mataji feels Sid got agreed for the marriage. He sits beside her and remembers doctor’s words of keeping mataji happy and another heart attack could risk mataji’s life. He says, I don’t have any problem with this marriage. Everyone is happy. Sujata says, I was sure you wouldn’t take any wrong decision… well done. Simar is happy, yet surprised. Mataji asks about Roli

as they need to take permission from her as well. Sid wonders how Jhumki will react after hearing about marriage. He decides to talk to her first. He goes to talk with Jhumki. Simar says in her mind, I know how difficult this decision must be for you. She follows him.

Sid tells Simar, I want to tell about this wedding before anyone else. They come to her room, but don’t find her there. They then find a letter from Jhumki in which she says, I am going forever with Bantu. No matter how good the drama is, it has to end. I fulfilled my promise that I made to you. Your family got rid off Veeru and Khushi, so now your family, its happiness.. everything is in your hand. I just came for money, but I am going with many more things. I can’t marry Sid and don’t know how will I be able to face family after they find out the truth. Tell this about me to your family when they find out the truth, so they don’t think anything wrong about me. Please don’t come to search for me, and remember me. Sid says, she shouldn’t have taken this step…. she could at least talk to us.

Mataji is very excited and planning their wedding with everyone. She asks, where is Roli? Sid went to call her and he stayed there? Everyone laughs. Mataji says, I want to meet her right now.. we have to take permission from her… Sujata says, easy… you’re too desperate to meet Roli. You relax, I will go and bring her here. Prem says in his mind, mataji is really excited for the wedding. We’ll have to do something really fast.

Simar wonders what they can do now. Sid suggests they should tell truth to entire family. Simar says, we should do something and postpone this so we get some time. Sujata hears and asks, time? Simar throws the letter away. Sujata asks, why do you need time? You’re worrying for nothing. This marriage will bring lots of happiness in our house. We are just talking right now and Mataji’s health improved so much. I am sure this will improve Roli’s health too. She asks, where is Roli? Both Sid and Simar are quiet.

Now mataji and everyone wonders where sujata is. Prem wonders why it’s taking so much time to bring Jhumki down.

Finally Sid, Simar, etc.. come down. Mataji asks, where is Roli? Sujata says, Roli is not in the house. Everyone gets worried. Sujata says, no need to get worried.. she went to drop Bantu at the hostel, outside city. Simar says, she got call from the hostel that she will have to do admission and all formalities very soon else Bantu’s year will be wasted. Mataji asks Simar to call her.. she can’t see her, but can at least talk to her. Everyone tells Simar to call her. Simar dials her number, but her phone is switched off. Simar tells that to everyone. Mataji gets worried and says, she went without telling anyone and phone is also off.. what did she say when she will be back? Simar says, by tomorrow. Mataji says, then fine.. I want this marriage to be done this week only. She assigns everyone their responsibility. She asks to arrange Roli’s favorite food. Mataji is too excited and hopes everything go fine. Family says, you rest.. we will handle everything. Simar says in her mind, there is not much time.. will have to do something so I can stop both this marriage and Jhumki’s truth from coming out.

Precap: Mataji comes to Jhumki’s room and then realizes Simar said she will be back in the evening. She’s leaving, and then sees Jhumki’s letter on the floor. She checks it and Simar comes and sees that

Update Credit to: Shreya

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