Sasural Simar Ka 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says everything is written in detail on this. Anjali says but.. Prem says come in Vikram and saroj ji. Saroj says I don’t think Anjali can take this responsibility. It’s about his life if anjali is a little careless we will have a trouble. Simar says i understand but she will do this responsibility well. Anjali is repenting her mistakes. If we give her this chance she will prove that she wants to change. Anjali says yes tai ji i want to change. Simar says very good make cereal for Sanjev ji. Anjali says sure. She leaves.
Prem says don’t worry saroj ji simar here to bring Anjali on right track. Prem says Vikram I wanted to talk to you. Come with me. Saroj says I hope everything is okay like before. simar says don’t worry.
Voikrma says no dad

you have done so much for us already. I can’t join your company. Prem says this is not a favor. I can’t find someone more responsible than you. Vikram says please give me some time to think.

Anjali gives sanjev cereal and says they think I am a nurse. She says can’t you eat properly. sImar says Anjali what is that way to make someone eat. Clean his face. Anjali says I can’t. Simar says do what I saw. anjali cleans sanjev’s mouth. Saroj says what happened? Is he okay? Anjali says nothing tai ji. I spilled some food I was just cleaning it. Simar says tie this towel around his neck next time so his clothes are stained.

At night, Piyush says roshni we practiced what’s the point of acting in front of everyone. Roshni says we will get everyone’s opinion. We have to be the best. Prem says my son would be best. Roshni and Piyush dance in front of everyone. Anjali says your dance was good but the best thing was the couple. Veery good. Mataji says yes coordination is very important. You did very well. Sattu says Piyush I think you are a little nervous. Shalu says yes like you were distracted.
Anjali gives sanjev meds and says you can’t say anything to anyone. I can do whatever I want to you. I don’t think you will ever recover. So sad you have no chance. She says I am doing all this for vikram otherwise I won’t look at you. I don’t care for anyone but Vikram. Open your mouth. She says you are a burden on me and my Vikram. You are a burden on everyone. You better die. Vikram says Anjali.. She turns back. Vikram says how can you do this. How can you be so careless. You are giving dad a wrong meds. Anjali says thank God he didn’t listen. Vikram says he was saying no that means you were giving wrong meds. Tai ji was right you can’t do this. She gave him wrong meds. Saroj says I will take care of him myself. Anjali says look at this list. This is what listed in the listed. I was giving the right medicine. Whatever I do I will always be wrong. I am trying but you can’t even see it. I care for him just like you Vikram. Anjali says you can think whatever you want. I will serve him like I did. I can’t understand what he says but I am trying. It will take some time. I think he wants to sleep. We all should go and let him sleep. I will stay here till he sleeps. They all leave. Anjali says to sanjev thank God I gave you right meds or I would have been gone today. Should I ask one thingg? I am a good actress right? Why are you in tears? It won’t work. You have to tolerate me now.

Anjali comes downstairs. Mataji says anjali why are you eyes red? Anjali I was with papa ji to take care of him. I couldn’t sleep. Simar says Roshni and Piyush have their dance competition. Prem says you two have to win. Simar says saroj ji you get ready as well. Anjali says I am getting ready. simr says you won’t go you will take care of sanjev ji. Tao ji says what will we do there? Saroj says yes we don’t feel like leaving sanjev alone. Simar says anjali will take care of him. Piyush says you have to come as well vikrma. Simar gets breakfast ready. Simar says something to the servant. He says okay I will do as you say.

Precap-Sanjev is about to fall from bed. Anjali says what are you doing? What you want? Water? You disturb me so much.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Simar is so stupid, how can you let your good for nothing daughter take care of someone who’s paralysed!!!!! Why should he suffer?

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