Sasural Simar Ka 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says mata ji didn’t drink. This made khushi so mad that she shoved her the ways she shoved me the other day. Khushi says I didn’t do this. Trust me. Sankalp says enough. You have crossed all the limits. The day I married you was the most awful day of my life. Pari says get out of this house khushi. Devika says no she.. Pari says this is our family matter. simar says i wont let khushi stay here for a while. Simar holds her hand and says get out. She shoves Khushi out of the house and says don’t come here again. Simar closes the door.

Khushi says why is this happening with mata ji. I am so scared. Patali can kill mata ji. Devika is silent. Khushi says please help us God and protect Mata ji from patali.
Jhanvi checks mata ji. She says her heartbeat

is normal. she needs rest don’t worry she will be fine.
Simar says in heart you look good when you are silent. Roli says to mata ji if you need something call me.
Prem says to simar lets go, let her rest. They leave.

At night, Mata ji is sleeping in her room. she recalls what patali did. She is scared. Mata ji says I have to save my simar and family from patali. She tries to stand up but her feet hurt. Mata ji goes to temple and throws away the arti and candle from the front of patali’s idol. Simar comes there and stares at her in anger.
simar says how dare you. Mata ji don’t forget that this is my house and family. And i will do anything to save my family. I will tell everyone. Simar says if you dare telling anyone see what i do. Mata ji do whatever you want. I am not scared of anyone. See what I do now. Mata ji calls everyone in temple. Everyone comes. Mata ji says this is not simar, suddenly they all hold their ears. Uma says what sound is this. mata ji says what happened to all you. Patali is shouting and their ears hurt. Mata ji says what happened. They all faint and fall on the floor. Mata ji tries to wake them up. Patali says I warned you but you didn’t listen. They are all dead, they can’t hear anything now.
Now its just you and me here. Don’t worry. I wont leave your simar that easily. Anjali comes running to mata ji, she faints as well. Mata ji says anjali. Mata ji says how can you do this, what has this innocent done to you.
Suddenly simar comes in her real self. Mata ji says simar where were you gone? Look what patali has done. simar cries and hugs her. Simar says what has happened. Suddenly she laughs. Mata ji leaves her. Mata ji shoves her away. Mata ji says you call yourself devi. Mata ji cries and says the simar you are using, she will be back and she will kill you. Simar will come back. Patali says you are responsible for all this. I am patali i can do what your mata rani can’t. i can make dead people alive. But on conditions. You wont tell anyone about me. No one should know that simar has patali in her. Mata ji says i wont tell anyone. please bring my family back. Simar says listen the second condition. You shoved this candle. now lit it and place it where it was.

Precap-Mata ji says I wont let anything happen to my family. Simar says who will stop me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ????? pls change the track

  2. Haiyo after three months I’m reading and still the story hadn’t moved on.. Ssk time to wrap up.. Pls don’t instill superstitious beliefs in viewers hearts.. Stop it for heaven sake ..

  3. funny writer even inside the holy temple where matarani is..the evil patali can empower and makes all the families dies easily….better change the track

  4. Nihayati bakwas drama h, Ise to band kar dena chahiye…. too much superstitions ……. kya bakawas h ye, kabi aatma, kabi nagin, kbai dayan….. had hoti h public ko bewkuf banane ki….. pta nhi abi tak BCCI walao nai ise band karne k order q ni diye…………

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