Sasural Simar Ka 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar stabs Patali. Patali stands up. She says your memory is weak. You have forgotten that I am immortal. She says this would have affected me if i was on earth. But this can’t kill me. This can lessen my powers but can never kill me. Patali laughs. Patali says no matter what you do, you can’t kill me ever. Patali is immortal.

Amar says simar come back. It is hard to handle here. I don’t know for how long can I handle this. He sees window open. When he goes near he sees everyone coming.
Patali reads a mantra. A back axe comes in her hand. SHe says you both will die here today. Devika says simar give me that trishun. I will handle her. Go and find the pouch and saw those seeds. Patali says in heart I have to stop simrar. Simar gives the trishun to

devika. Patali is about to attack simar. Devika stops her form trishun. Patali shoves devika. She says I will kill you first and then that simar. She is about to attack her.

Amar says I shut the window on time otherwise someone must have seen Simar’s idol. Everyone is outside. Prem unlocks the door. They see an idol there. They are all shocked. amar is hidden. He says everyone is here what should i do now?

Simar takes the pouch. SHe says I am coming devika. Devika is fighting patali. Simar comes there. She says I have to do something. Simar says devika see, I have those seeds. She says gaitri no one can stop you from losing your powers now. Patali says no. If she saws them here it will be cleaned. I have to stop them. devika says simar put them near the throne. Patali says dont dare going there. Devika shoves Patali. She scares her with the trishun. Devika says simar hurry up. Patali says no simar stop. Mata ji touches the idol.
Simar stops in Patali lok. Suddenly winds start blowing. Devika says simar hurry up. SImar has become a statue in patal lok. They see simar’s idol turning into Simar. Everyone is dazed. DEvika says thank you God. Suddenly it stops. SImar comes back in patal lok. Devika says please hurry up simar. patali says this will risk my existance.
The idol turns into simar. AMar says I don’t know what to do. Simar is fainted. Prem holds her. Roli says open your eyes didi. Mata ji says how can this happen.Simar was in mathura. Pari says this means they lied to us but why? Are simar and devika in trouble. Roli says how would we know. I am so worried. Prem says no one know what happened here. You touched idol it became simar. Amar says devika didn’t tell me what to do? Is her life in danger?
Amar tells jahnvi and says we can’t tell anyone truth. Lets go in and say we don’t know anything. Jhanvi comes in. She says let me see it. Mata ji says we don’t know what happened here. This is beyond our brains. Whatever is happening in our house, there is something super natural behind it. We can’t stop it.

Precap-guru ji says my education same as jhanvi. Her soul has left her body. This is just her body. She is dead.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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