Sasural Simar Ka 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jatin says when will you come, that powder is over and this girl is recalling somethings, she said who we are. We don’t have more powder. her whole memory will come back by morning, simar hangs up.
Simar tells amar what jatin said. she calls mata ji and tells her everything.

Sushma says what should we do. there is a knock at the door. sushma opens the window and sees mata ji is with cops there. jatin says lets run from here. sushma says no we cant. jatin takes a vase and is about to hit roli.

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Simar says i didn’t want to kill him, vash says its the decision of God, this about you sister who is living

a fake life, amar says yes you need to be at home this time. simar says i have to meet my roli as well. They leave. fake roli opens her eyes in the jungle.

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Jatin opens the door, inspector says why you took so long? Jatin says my daughter fainted, i was thinking about her and slept, we couldn’t hear you. mata ji comes in. she says why is she not up yet? Sushma says its because of you people. you keep torturing us. please leave us alone. we will tell you when she gets up.

Simar comes home. prem says when did you go out? Simar says you were busy so i.. mata ji comes and says i asked her to go out for some work. mata ji says come with me siamr. i have some work left. prem says meet anjali she was asking about you. simar says mata ji i wanna meet roli, mata ji says she is still sleeping. lets go to anjali’s room we will talk there. mata ji says you are still thinking about her. siamr says i didn’t want to kill her. mata ji says this is what had to happen with her. Siamr says i am so worried for roli. jatin called and said the magical powder is over. mata ji says i knew it, now i know. why they didn’t let us call the doctor. They were forcing on that powder. simar says their game is over. by tomorrow morning, roli will remember everything. mata ji says what will we say to sid and whole family. they think she is roli. they wont accept it all. they would think bad about you., simar says you are with me i am not worried. God will find a solution, they don’t have that powder neither that woman. roli will tell reality to whole family.

Roli is sleeping in her room, she opens her eyes. Her head is concussed. she recalls how jatin hit her. she says i have to go out from here. the door is locked. she looks at the window.

Whole family is doing pooja. sid comes in looking for roli. he says has anyone seen roli? Her phone is off as well. he tries again but her phone is off. sujata says she might have gone for some work. sid says she could have informed me. Siamr says to mata mji i think we should tell him. sid says simar do you know where she is? simar says no i don’t.

shurti is outside the house as she hopped out from back window. she says police here? She hides behind the wall. mata ji says don’t worry she is not a kid she will come back. sid goes out to look for roli. shurti says i should run from here. sid informs cops. they say we will help you in finding her. sid asks different people in the street. He says roli repeatedly. shurti’s head hurts from that voice. she tries to recalls everything. sid says she is nowhere maa. roli sees sid’s face in a flashback. she is shocked.

Precap-shurti goes and hugs sid. everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. good …roli is back

  2. so everithing will be allright again.

  3. yup it will be alright..
    but after 2 weeks

    1. y it take 2 week ??

  4. but fake roli is not dead. she opened her eyes. y this people drag this too much. i just want roli and sid to join together so that they can fight against fake roli. and if roli and simar are together they will win over the evil as usual.

  5. simar u looks so beautiful

  6. i think sid dont believe shruti and send her out from the house.


  8. wow finally my roli is back.precap sound good.and sid dare u throw our roli out.i hope ki ab roli and simar will solve the problem.

  9. Yaayy roli!! 😀
    Sid will not believe her that easily tho =/

  10. hi guys i got a news that the fake one i mean sara khan identity reveled that fake one is a snake and it will reviled infornt bharawaj family in mahasivarairi.for more information visit tellybuzz.

  11. Wow. …shivratri on 15th no?

  12. But can’t wait

  13. U wouldn’t think fake roli is a snake she’s pretty

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