Sasural Simar Ka 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 5th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli and Sid stop Sonia out of the house and ask what is the problem ? Roli says I have seen love for sankal in your eyes. Sid asks is it because of his divorce ? Sonia says no you know I have a lot of haters. i like sankal but I don’t want him to be in trouble because of me. I am feared.
Sid says its like fear not letting you ride a bicycle. Roli says maybe things will change after the wedding and all the problems vanish. Roli says a true life partner is only for the lucky people. We will all be with you. Sid says you are not alone anymore. Just remember that your family is not your weakness. It makes you stronger.

Scene 2
Simar stops Jahnvi and asks her what was she going to do. Jhanvi says I was going to test a patient. Simar says i know that

you are pregnant. I heard you talking to the doctor.

Scene 3
Sankal says to mata ji don’t worry about. Fate makes the relationships, I will get whats written for me. Sid says your fate has been decided brother. He moves and sonia is standing at his back. Everyone is dazed to see her. Sonia says I agree to this proposal. Everyone smiles. Karuna hugs Sonia. Everyone congratulates Sankal. Mata ji says kisses fore head of both of them. She says stay happy you both.

Scene 4
Simar says you are going to be a mom and thats such a good news. Jahnvi says no its not. It is Shaureya’s child. I want nothing related to him in my life. I am here for abortion. Simar says this is your child as well and what is the fault of this child in what shaureya did. How can you think like that about you baby being a mother. Its the most beautiful relationship in the world Jhanvi. A woman is supposed to give life not to take it. As a nurse you must have seen a lot of mothers having their most beautiful moments. When God has blesses you now, you are going to kill him. Simar says the doctor told me that this is your first and last chance to be a mom. And you just want to kill him just because he is Shaureya’s blood. How will he be like shaureya when you will raise him. You won’t separate this child from you, right ? please speak up. jhanvi is quiet. Jhanvi says no, I don’t want him to be in this world. This child will always have his name attached to Shaureya. I don’t want anything related to Shaureya to be in my life.

Scene 5
Sonia bows down to all the elder. She hugs Roli. Roli says get ready you will be welcomed in the bharadwaj house and in heart of Sankal. Sonia smiles.
Simar tries to stop Jahnvi but she isn’t listening. She says She is going to make a big mistake. She prays to stop her.
The nurse gives jhanvi the form to sign. She recalls simar telling her that its her child as well. Simar plans on calling to Roli. She sees doctor and begs her to stop Jhanvi. She says that’s what I want as well but she is mature and she can decide what to do with her life. She calls Prem but he is not receiving the call. Jhanvi comes out of the operation theater. She says i couldn’t do this bhabhi. Simar hugs her. Jahnvi is in tears. Simar says everything will be okay. Whole family will be happy to know this. Just go home. She takes jhanvi out of he hospital.

Scene 6
Mausi ji enjoying Uma’s sweets. Sujata asks where is simar ? Uma says I couldn’t see her anywhere. Jahnvi and Simar enter the house. Sujata asks where were you both ? Mata ji asks why are quiet ? Simar says i have to tell you all something. She says sonia ji is blessed for this house. There is another big news that came along her. Mata ji, maa our jhanvi is pregnant. Everyone is startled.

Precap- Sonia is working on her laptop. Rani enters her room with an injection intending to inject it. She moves forward to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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