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Sasural Simar Ka 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mataji says she reminds me of old Simar. She is your shadow. Simar says she is a very nice girl. I hope nothing wrong happens to her anymore. Vadahi touches Mataji and Simar’s feet. Mataji says why you look upset? Vadahi says its my first day at job. I am nervous. Mataji says you don’t have to worry. Simar says it happens but work hard with dedication.
Piyush comes with Roshni. Roshni says Piyush you get me late everywhere. He says I will drop you there on time. Simar meets Roshni. Roshni says Piyush had to drop me workshop but he takes so much time to get ready. Vadhai says I am leaving. Piyush says come with us we are going on that side. Roshni says yes we are going in the same area we will drop you. They all leave.

Vikram is in meeting. Anjali calls him.

He cuts the call. Anjali calls again. Tao ji says it must be something important. Talk to her. She says where are you busy. He says I am in a meeting. She says I have a superb news. I have decided where we are going. We are going Mauritius. I have booked tickets. He says what? Anjali you booked? she says you said you will take me anywhere. Vikram says would you mind if I tell you something. He says we can’t go yet. There are some crisis in office. There are issues that need to be solved. Anjali says but we decided. He says we will go but not right now. Anjali says so easy for you to say. There were so many problems. We are going on honeymoon. Vikram says dont be stubborn. I can’t leave tao ji alone in this crisis. Try to understand. I am sorry. I will talk to you later.

Piyush roshni and Vadahi are on their way. Piyush says you look so happy. Vadhai says its a new beginning of my life. I got this because of simar aaunty and your dad. They are really nice people. You are so lucky that you have such a good dad. Piyush says yes I am lucky. My dad has love for everyone in his heart except for me. I wish I could get some space in his heart. Roshni says Piyush I know your pain. Only my dad understands me you know mom. But you should keep trying. Vadhai says when you get love of both parents there is peace. Otherwise you feel alone. Your dad is a nice man one day he will own you. Piyush says sometimes you talk like my mom vadahi. Thanks.

Anjali says to shanaya vikram wants to postpone honeymoon. Shanay says relax it must be important. Anjali says people have been asking me where I am going. Here my mother in law wants me to do this munh dikhai rituals in front of her friends. Shanaya says chill. Did you talk to vikram? Anjali says he is really busy. I should go to his office. Shanaya says you have munh dikhai here how will you go? Anjali says I have an idea.
Saroj’s friends are home.

Vikram is dealing with his employees. He says how will we solve these problems. the receptionist stops anjali. Anjali says how dare you stop me? Do you know who I am? I am your boss’s wife. Anjalu says vikram how dare she stop me. Fire her. Vikram says Anjali I am in a meeting. Anjalu says what I have to talk about is more important than this stupid meeting. Vikram takes her out.
Saroj knocks at anjali’s door. Sahanay says what should I do now. She covers her face. Saroj thinks its anjali. She takes her downstairs.
Vikram says what is it? Anjali says you are mad you didn’t pick up my call. He caresses her face and says I can’t be mad at you. I will do anything? Anjali says promise? He says yes. He says didn’t you have munh dikhai? She says yes Tai ji’s friends had to come an hour late so I came here. He says okay you should go back.
Saroj says anjalu your ghunghat is too long. Shanaya says no that would ruin my hair. Saroj says what happened to your voice? Shanaya says my throat is sore. Saroj says you should have told me. I would send you meds. Shanaya says I am fine now. Saroj makes her sit on the sofa. Shanaya says where si this anjali. Anjali is on her way back. She says I hope shanaya is handling there well.
Saroj’s friends say let start the ritual. Saroj takes of the ghunghat. Shanaya stops her. She says can we wait for 15 minutes? My mom said the mahurat is after 15 minutes. A friend says a girl of today and so well cultured. Saroj says sure lets wait 15 minutes. After 15 minutes saroj takes off the ghunghat she is dazed to see its Shanaya not Anjaliu. Saroj says what is all this? Where is anjali? A woman says i think she is not her daughter in law. Wrong number maybe. They giggle. Saroj says where is anjali? Anjali comes home. Saroj sees her. Anjali is wearing a short dress.
Saroj says what joke is this anjali?

Precap-Anjali says enough tai ji. you have been saying so much. Would I do anything in the name of rituals? If you ask me to dance in front of everyone in the name of ritual will I? No one can talk to me this way. Not even you. Prem says I ruined my daughter’s life myself. Simar says don’t blame yourself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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