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Sasural Simar Ka 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says the relationship that brought Rohan and ROshni in this world how can it be wrong? You face hardships thats doesn’t mean you runs away. Sumit tears the divorce papers and hugs Rita. Rita is in tears she says thank you Sumit. Rita says in heart I would have to leave this house and where would I go? Sumit says you saw the one you hated so much I am giving you another chance because of her. Rita says thank you simar. Rita says in heart once again you pretended to be good.
Piyush is packing his stuff. Simar says what are you doing? He says I can’t live where my mom is insulted. Simar says we are not going anywhere. What she said was in anger. We don’t take that to heart. We are staying here. You are too young and you shouldn’t interfere in elders’

matters. Simar says he cares so much for me like Prem.

Prem is on his way. prem says I am coming simar. He enters Lucknow. Roshni comes in and says papa mama have brought gifts for all of us. Piyush says mama come. Simar feels something.
Rohan says look Piyush we will play with this. Rita says we have decided to start a new life so we brought gifts for kids. Sumit gives Piyush his gift too. Rita says open it. Piysh says wow ben ten watch thank you. Sumit says where is mahraj? Rita says he has gone to market. Rita says I will make the coffee and give simar her gift too. She goes in kitchen. Sumit gives simar a chain. Prem arrives outside the house. Simar says I can’t take it. Its very expensive. Sumit says your choti ma isn’t taking the gift. The kids force her simar takes the gift.
Simar wears the chain, Prem comes in and sees simar. Sumit locks her chain.. Prem is dazed. Sumit says this is thank you from myside with all my heart. If you weren’t here I don’t know what would have happened to my kids and me. You made this house a home. The kids say choti maa you look so good. Piyush says she is my mom after all. Prem looks at Piyush he recalls seeing him in school. Prem says my son?
Prem says this can’t be my simar. Because she can’t forget me. Prem steps back and leaves.
Prem sees the newspaper in anger and throws it away.

At night, Piyush measures his height. He says I will increase two inches. Simar says sleep now. He says please give me a hint about papa please. Simar says sleep you have to go to school tomorrow.
Simar looks at Prem’s photo and says can we give it another chance like Sumit and rita? for our kids. Seeing Piyush now will melt hearts of everyone.

Prem comes home and burns simar’s pictures. He recalls everything. Prem says everything was a lie your love too. I kept you in my heart for 6 years and you did that? From now I shove you out of my heart and life.

Precap-Simar opens the door, Its prem. He gives her divorce papers and says after this you will be happy in your life and I in mine.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Awaaa again vhi drama nd all…

  2. Prem misunderstood simar

  3. Look at latest preview OMG. Prem will give a divorce to Simar. I hope it’s not gonna happen. Prem is misunderstanding.

  4. simar and prem will be once again together.

  5. Hi guys am new to comment here am a silent reader from past 5 years shall I join u

  6. Can any one say ssk retelecat time

  7. Hi guys I’m new here and have been watching ssk for a while now but Prem is the WORST husband ever. He blames Simar for Siddhant’s “death” when Sid was made alive by Rajveer. Then he places a bet on Simar and now this! And don’t forget Vikrant track where Prem almost abused her. And in Nagin track where Prem did not trust Simar for the first half or so.

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