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Sasural Simar Ka 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaitan says now see what I do. He does something to choti dulhan. She smiles. Choti dulhan is a human again. patali says now you will see bharadwaj’s destrutction yourself. Roli says how to stop them. Patali says don’t be scared, you will be dead soon and then you wont be scared of anyone. Before your family comes here I will kill you all.

Sattu says mata ji its the same tree. Mata ji says karuna stay here you don’t look well. We will bring them back. Khushi says take care. Mata ji says lets go towards the temple.

Patali throw something at simar. simar defends from trishun and says remember what happened to you last time. I will kill your existance so no shaitan can bring you back. Patali says your death is near. I will kill you and take powers from

roli and then kill her too. Shaitan say you will not have another chance like this patali. Choti dulhan says leave them shaitan. He shoves her she falls down.
Sattu says there is the temple. They enter it. Simar says stay away from us patali. She stops her attacks with trishun. Choti dulhan stands up and comes their way. She says leaves simar didi. She hits shaitan with a rod. Shairtan takes the rod from her and picks her up. He throws her away. Prem mata ji and everyone come. Both patali and simar fall down. Prem comes upstairs, shaitan blows fire in their way. Simar says stay there don’t come in front. Patali says yes prem see her dying from there. Simar falls down her head hits the wall. Patali laughs. Roli tries to pick simar up. Simar says roli go inside the temple. Simar says we never give up. No matter what you do, today I will kill you both.

Patali says your mata rani is on one side and family on other but neither can save you from me. Prem picks choti dulhan. she says take out that black paper. She says Shaitan turned me into human. i dont have time. Only that black paper can save roli and simar. Mata ji says take her to hospital sankalp. Prem takes out paper and pen. Mata ji says he didn’t tell anything about it.
Roli says we dont know how to use it. Baba didn’t tell anyone. Shaitan says today you will know evil always wins over good.
He attacks simar. Simar stops him from trishun.
Simar says you are so proud of your evil powers why can’t you enter temple then? Patli says whatever you say nothing can save you from me.
Mata ji says please do some miracle God.
Roli recalls when she was praying she saw somthing written on trishun. Simar says give it to me i know what to do. Prem passes it to her. She writes mantra from pen on black paper. The trishun falls from simar’s hand. Shaitan laughs with patali. The trishun hits paper. Shaitan says this can’t happen.
He screams and says this is soaking my powers slowly. He falls down. Shaitan dies.

Precap-Patali and shaitan become one. They attack simar but roli comes in front. Roli dies.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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