Sasural Simar Ka 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhairavi seeks Sameer’s help

Sasural Simar Ka 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana telling that passports is not in the almari. Piyush asks them to apply for fresh passport as it gets missing. Bhairavi thinks just like she burnt passport, she will make them separate one day. Simar comes and tells Sanjana that passports are here. Sanjana asks where did you get it. Simar tells that she took it from her almari last night and started the visa processing. Bhairavi thinks this can’t be possible. Mata ji asks Sanjana to make arrangements to go for honeymoon. Bhairavi takes Pari inside. Pari says Simar has the passports. Bhairavi shows her dustbin and says it has burnt passports. Pari says there is nothing in it. Bhairavi says she herself burnt it and tells that there is something black in pulses. Pari says Mata ji was right, you needs psychiatrist.

Bhairavi tells that she will find out and is sure that this is not the same Simar who has fallen in the valley.

Bhairavi follows Simar and thinks I will see how you will be saved today. She sees her going towards outhouse and says today it will be end of your story. Simar turns and smiles. Bhairavi hides. She sees Simar talking to someone and sees its reflection and thinks this is small dwarf guy. She thinks this is looteran/thug and thinks to expose her. She goes back home and waits for Simar to come. Just as Simar comes back, she keeps knife on her neck.

Bhairavi tells Simar that her lie will be heavy on her. Simar pushes her. Bhairavi falls far and asks who are you. Simar comes closer to her. Bhairavi says I will tell the truth. Simar asks whose truth, your or mine, if you tell my truth then you have to tell yours too. Bhairavi asks what do you mean? Simar says you knows well, just think about yourself before doing anything. She promises her that she will not tell anyone about her doings and says I don’t break my promises like Goddess. Durga Durga plays….Bhairavi thinks she is sure now that they are not Simar, but looteran. She plans to burn her dead body and thinks she pushed her hard.

Sanjana sees Sameer tensed and tells him that he shall not be tensed while in honeymoon. Sameer says he is stressed about his mum and says whatever Mata ji said was right. Sanjana says I think you shall talk to her. Pari and Bhairavi talk about Simar. Sameer comes there. Bhairavi tells him that the woman in the house is not real Simar. She tells that Simar is dead and this woman is an imposter. Sameer is shocked and says may be you are having misunderstanding. Bhairavi reminds him that Inspector showed mangalsutra and tells that this fake Simar has killed Real Simar, and she told this herself . Pari says Bhairavi is right. Sameer says we shall tell everyone. Bhairavi says we need proofs and asks for his help. Sameer says your son is with you. Bhairavi asks her not to tell Sanjana anything. Sameer agrees. Bhairavi tells that her son back with her and tells that she will expose Simar.

Bhairavi conspires to kill Simar and waits for bomb to explode. Simar looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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