Sasural Simar Ka 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi says wow Prem. What an acting. There is no lawyer now. Stop this acting now we all know what the truth is. Except for Mataji. Mataji says what are you trying to say. Khushi says they are lying to you. They are pretending to be together. Mataji says thats not truth. Anjali see you all, her condition is because of you. Prem says shut up. Anjali says why? Mataji says don’t say that. they look good together. Anjali says mataji very sorry. To bring me on right path they are pretending to be husband and wife. Mataji says they are my Ram Sita and they would never lie to me. Tell me Simar they are lying. Prem you are together right? Khushi says they are acting. Mataji says my Prem and Simar are meant to be together. Khushi says if you are not lying then go to temple and fill

her hairline. Prem takes Simar’s hand and takes her to the temple. Everyone is dazed. Prem fills Simar’s hairline. Simar is bewildered. Mataji laughs and says Jai matadi. Mataji says my heart always told me My Prem and Simar can never go away from each other. Jahnvi says you are right mataji. No matter what the distance is, they always come together. Mataji says see Anjali. They are together. simar says mataji you should rest. Mataji says don’t stop me. I am very happy. This sindur is the proof of your eternal relationship. Simar says in heart even though you did this in helplessness. But you proved the relations that are bonded by love can never break. Mataji says see Khushi my Prem and SImar’s eternal love. Piyush says mataji let’s go rest. Mataji says I am so happy now. I am very happy.
Anjali is going to her room. Simar stops her and says now you would know that your papa and I are together, I told you nothing can part us. You should know this for your better. From now on I will decide everything in your life. If you want all these facilities in your life then you would listen to everything I say. Anjali says dad she is warning me and you won’t say a thing? Prem says she is doing what you have been doing to me. Tit for tat.

Scene 2
Prem is in his room. Simar comes in. He starts working on his papers. Simar says Prem ji.. He says I don’t want to talk to you. He breaks a glass it cuts his hand. simar says show me.. He says I don’t need it. Simar says you need it. I know you are mad at me about what happened you should take out your frustration. Talk to me. You silence hurts more than your anger. Prem says what should I say? What you wanna hear? Your plan is so good? This playing with mataji and whole family. I am not doing this all for you. I am doing this all for Anjali. Mataji says I know you are mad because this sindur represent a relationship. But when there is no love its just red color. There was a time when it had importance in our lives. That time has changed. Don’t take stress about it. Its a part of all this drama. Forget it. show me your cut. Prem says leave me. No one is seeing us here. I am fine. He leaves. Simar touches her sindur. Prem sees her.

Pari says what will we do now. Khushi our game is over. Uma says she is so clever. She will stay hgere forever. Khushi says shut up. I won’t let her take over this house. Soon I will do something that she will know her worth.

Simar says is in temple. she says whatever I am doing is for my daughter. But Prem ji.. his hatred. I can’t take it. Please give me strength. Please let my motherhood win. Piyush comes and says ma.. Simar says you didn’t sleep? He says what did papa say? SImar says nothing. He says I know how hurt you get when papa is mad at you. But this sindur relives your relationship. SImar says I went to talk to him and that is when I realized it means nothing to him. He really hates me. Piyush says why are you crying? I am very happy. You two are together even if its pretend. One day you will be with him forever. Simar says I don’t know if we will ever be one but yes, at this time I only care about Anjali. I want to bring her on right path. This is what I pray all the time.

Precap-Anjali wakes up for breakfast. Pari says Anjali woke up so early? Anjali says good morning everyone. Simar says anjali do you accept the conditions your papa mentioned? Anjali says yes I do.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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