Sasural Simar Ka 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 4th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Shaureya says yes it is proved that you love me. You wont be here. Your tension on face is creaming that you love me. Janvi says no, definitely no. My reason for being here is the care, that blood, that letter.. Shaureya says it was all true. He shows her his finger. He continues, but half. My confession of love for you was true but that threat to give my life was a lie. Look i am successful in seeing your love for me. Janvi is leaving he stops her by holding her hand and she slips in his arms. He holds her close. Shaureya says still you don’t love me? Don’t feel anything for me? Janvi says i never felt anything for you. My wedding has been decided today stay away from me. Relationships are not between two people but two families. And the one that match to each

other. Shaureya says what matters is our love. My sister will come to your home with all rituals. She will ask your family. He holds her hand. Janvi says this is not possible and leaves. He is so angry.

Scene 2
Mata ji says this is the first time a daughter will get married from this house. I know now how people fell when they are getting their daughters married. Mausi ji is showing off that we will spend a lot of money on all this, she actually sees achna. Achna says to mata ji that she will tell them expensive places. mata ji says we will get her some gift that will help her in future. mausi ji says it must be some gold or property. shalu says how about giving that aarav’s shop to janvi? Mata ji says no but he says consider it a gift from aarav to his bua.
Roli is calling janvi over and over again. She is so worried about her. She calls the hospital and ask there to let her talk to janvi. She is startled when she hears that janvi is not there. She wonders where else she has gone.

Scene 3
Shaureya get down to his living room, he call outs attul’s name. He aaks her to call meena. Attul says she is busy with a meeting today. I said call, says shaureya. Attul call her shaureya gets the phone and says to her please di come back your brother needs you. Its about my life and death.

Scene 4
Simar and sujata come in with the stuff they have shopped. Simar asks roli why is she worried? She says there is nothing like that. Sujata is showing her shopping to roli. Janvi comes in, sujata asks where she went at this time? Janvi says i went to the hospital. Sujata asks waht was the need of going to hospital at this time ? Roli says maa i think you should get some rest you will be busy tomorrow as well. When they leave roli asks why did she lie? Janvi says tells them all what shaureya said to her. Simar says don’t you worry shaureya singhanya can’t do anything to you. Don’t be afraid its your roka tomorrow. Roli asks her to get some sleep. Simar says after roka tomorrow we have to tell prem and sid about him

Scene 5
Pari is taking care of Aarav. Shalu says you look so good taking acre of him. Pari shouts stay away from me until you don’t promise me that shop is on aarav’s name. Shalu says whats wrong with you janvi is my sister. She says i don’t know anything that shop is of my son and will always be.

Sceen 6
Janvi is thinking of her time with Shaureya. He aks were you thinking of me? She abruptly says yes. then says no its my roka today stop calling me. Sahyreya says if your roka is coming between our love then how about stopping it ? Janvi gets feared. He says you are stuck between your heart and mind janvi. I love you janvi and i want you.

Precap- Janvi’s in laws have come. Everyone welcomes them they look so angry. Mata ji asks them whats wrong/ They say sorry but cant proceed this relationship.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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