Sasural Simar Ka 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar asks Piyush why didn’t you inform me you were staying there? Piyush says I don’t remember that. He says I don’t know when I slept. Simar says are you okay? He says i don’t know. SImar says go get fresh, I will make coffee. He leaves.
Rita calls simar and says your son showed his true colors. I and sumit won’t forgive him ever. Simar says what happened? Rita says go as your son.
Simar tells Piyush Rita called and she said Sumit is mad as well. What happened there? Piyush says after a point I don’t remember anything. Simar says tell me everything you remember. He tells her that he fainted and when he woke up roshni was crying and Sumit was mad. Simar says I can see in your eyes that you are not lying but there is a big misunderstanding.

Come with me.
Rita says to Roshni don’t lose Piyush after what he did. Roshni nothing happened between us. Simar comes in and says Roshni is right. I have faith in my up bringing. Piyush says this is truth. We don’t remember anything. I don’t remember when she came in room. Rita says you don’t pretend this. Your mom is a liar and staying in someone else’ house as someone else. Who know you learned it from your mom or inherited from your dad. You are made of cheap blood. Simar is about slap her. Sumit holds SImar’s hand. Sumit says I considered him like a son and he did this to me. You wanted to slap my wife because of him? simar says you know I can’t hear anything about my son and husband and when he isn’t even wrong. Rita says see her attitude now you see family is family. She wouldn’t know how a daughter’s parents feel when someone like her son does this with her. Simar says Roshni is my daughter as well and I have a daughter too so I know what a woman’s dignity is. We respect every woman and my son knows that too. Sumit says he misused my daughter’s love. I feel ashamed that the girl you brought up like your daughter and you are not taking her side after this happened with her. I always thought you do justice but you showed you true colors today I wished I had listened to Rita. because what she said today is right. You are Mrs. Simar Bharadwaj, you are as liar as your up bringing. Piyush says enough Kapoor uncle. Not anymore. Piyush says I am also ashamed of what happened. But you have decided to take lie as a truth if you think I did a mistake punish me but don’t say a word about my mom. Roshni says nothing happened between s papa he didn’t do anything. Sumit says don’t be so mad in love that you can’t see what is right and what is wrong. Rita says see roshni so much happened but Simar is with her son. Because you always support your family. She doesn’t care about your tears but your mother is hurt. I can’t see you like this. Roshni hugs her.

Scene 2
VAdahi says I hope those photos come soon too I will recognize him.
Piyush says I am sorry ma you had to bear all this. You worked all those years and lost all the respect. Simar says its not your mistake you are my pride. I trust you. I don’t care what the world says. we can’t lose the path of truth because of troubles.
mataji calls simar and says come home I want to talk about ANjali. simar says is everything okay? Matjai says come home I will tell you. Simar tells Piyush mataji was so worried.
Vadahi comes towards the Khushi. Khushi says why are you coming in? She says I came to meet Simar aunty. KB says why? She says Simar aunty told me roka pictures.. KB says you stay out of our house. you can’t do whatever you want here. Neither is simar ours not you. Get out now. KB says why was she asking about the photos?
SImar comes home and says mataji you were worried? Mataji says after six days anjali will leave this house. after six days its her wedding date. Congratulations. Rajhinder says simar did you like the surprise? KB says doesn’t look like she is happy. What you didn’t want is going to happen. Simar says I don’t wanna lose time by arguing with you. Its special day for my daughter. I have already started preps. Anjali says but why I have my plans. Simar says everything will be like what you want. When you were talking to your friend I heard. i know you hate me but thats my mistake. I couldn’t bridge our gap. I was looking for the baby anajli in you. Now we don’t even have time. In six days.. but I promise you the next days I will give you alot of happiness. So you don’t rememvber me as the woman who left you but as a friend who did everything to make you happy. Simar gives Anjali sweet. Simar gives a sweet to Prem. Anjali comes and hugs prem. Mataji says where did you go simar?simar says Piyush had some work so I went with him. KB wonders where they were.

Precap-Servant comes and gives photographs to Simar. Simar says we will find Vadahi’s culprit. They plug in the USB.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I have a doubt… is Rita mother for Roshni or something else… Just to create a problem for Simar and Piyush she ruined the whole life of her daughter…

  2. Yes I doubt it as well maybe she was adopted.

  3. I don’t ever see the mom like Rita. Really no one will do like her for their daughter.

    How she can do this with her daughter.

    Please make some good story lines

  4. Hi frds,
    Wat abt amar?? Still single ah

    1. Nandhini

      Yes he is single.

    2. No he is married to jhanvi I think

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