Sasural Simar Ka 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid says I will find out the safest route to the temple. Khushi comes in she says please come mata ji, maa. They ask is everything okay? Khushib says prem is not in his room. Sid says what you mean? She says no he is out with indra. Everyone is dazed. She tells them everything. Mata ji says no this can’t happen. Sid says no she is right. Prem left the pot here. Mata ji says we have to stop him. They all run out. Prem is nowhere. Khushi says he was here. Sid says I think we are late. Mata ji says no. They look for prem everywhere.
Mata ji says what have you done Prem. We would bring Simar back why you did this. Sid says he did this to save simar. They can do anything for each other. Simar would have done the same.

Indra and Prem enter a house. Its the old palace.

Indra says you used to sit there. And I used to dance here. Can you hear the music? You used to just see me and padma, she was eyeing on our happiness. Our love story left incomplete because of her. Prem says you were a witch. she says I have loved you. He says don’t tell me self made stories. You were stubborn to get me. You never loved me. Indra says I love you way more than Simar. Prem says you know what true love is? That is compromise. You knew we loved each other but you parted us. Prem says you can never have something by snatching it from someone else. well you will never understand. Now prove me that you will bring roli and simar back or i will leave. Indra says badi amma where are you? Indra says badi amma what I am going to do today, no one would have done this. I am doing this for my love. But promise me you will forget simar and make me yours. That day i will bring simar back. Indra takes out her nails. She breaks it. BAdi amma says what have you done? You are a normal human without it? Indra says I know but this is nothing in front of my love. All my evil powers are in this nail. I broke it. Badi amma says I promise you your sacrifice wont go in vain. Indra says keep this nail, and i tell you again. I love you more than simar. I can do anything to get you. Until you forget simar completely, you will live here. Indra throws a stone in the air. It breaks a fire wall around Prem. Indra says i proved it, now its your turn. Remove this sindur from your hand.
Prem recalls the promises her made to simar. Prem removes it.

Mata ji says we will all go to that temple. sid and amar will look for Amar. And rest of the people will live here. You have to make sure that this candle never blows. This will guide us through.

Mata ji, sujata, jhanvi, pari and khushi come to jungle. Khushi says it looks scary. Sujata says we have to keep moving forward. Guru ji says the temple comes after this. you have to pass under a bridge and there is a swamp there. You have to cross it over the stones. Evil forces will try to distract you.
Guru ji says keep one thing in mind you dont have to look back. Or you will be stuck. pari says this means we are going to play with death. Sujata says calm down. Mata ji says thank you for guiding us. He leaves. Mata ji whenever you feel distrated look at these pots and recall what simar and roli have done for us.

Precap-Badi amma is in jungle./ She laughs at them. Khushi falls in the swamp.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Becoming interesting……..missing roli

  2. I hav a doubt…..indra removed her nails and said all her powers is oly in tis and i have removed it…..nw am not a daayan am like human….then y indra asked Prem to remove his kumkum frm his hands?????? If she lost her powers and not a Dayan then she can face tat kumkum na….
    i think she is cheating Prem……

  3. ssk: ladies of bw family to fight a challenge to save simar in color’s ssk:
    loyal viewers of color’s popular show sasural simar ka (rashmi sharma production) have already witnessed the shocking incident of simar getting captured inside a pot by indravati.
    now, in a quest to save simar, the entire bw family will seek the help of a guruji and find out the means to achieve the goal.
    so what will the family need to do save simar?
    well, as per the guruji, the ladies in the family will have to walk their way through to a mandir located in far away deserted area. and the woman who reaches the mandir will get any of her wish fulfilled. so all the ladies in the house will decide to take the challenge.
    on the other hand, a sadnessed prem will decide to give himself to indravati so that he can save simar.
    yes, and the following his decision, prem will walk out of the house and go with indravati’s palace and surrender himself to her.
    will the ladies of the household succeed in reaching mandir? what will happen to prem at indravati’s abode?
    we tried calling dipika, but did not get through her.
    a lot of questions to be answered.. do tune in to the show, and also keep a watch over our updates right here..

  4. ssk: prem (salman khan) is going to meet mataji , simar and family in the jungle. the goons come there and try to snatch the bag from the women (kushi). mataji and every one try to get the bag from them. the bag has the pots in that bag. mataji tells them to take jewelry and leave the bag. the bags with the pots fall down and the women get shocked.

  5. salman khan plays saviour of bharadwaj family in color’s sasural simar ka::
    with the much awaited, prem ratan dhan paayo, all set to hit theatres this festive season , the artists are already on a promotional spree.
    and to market their upcoming flick, salman khan and sonam kapoor recently landed on the sets of color’s popular daily sasural simar ka( rashmi sharma production).
    as per our sources, the ladies of bharadwaj clan will land into trouble while helping simar. some goons will bother them and will try to snatch goods from the ladies. at this point, we hear our beloved action hero, salman, will make a dhamakedar entry to resuce them from the clutches of the goons.
    when contacted, jyothsna chandola aka kushi shared her experience shooting with salman, “usually i don’t getstar struck easily, but this time salman has surely casted his spell upon me. after knowing aabout his generous gestures to needy people, my respect for him is increasing with each passing day. moreover,even after being a superstarhe is so much grounded. he even teased me stating that he thought that i am just a kid”.
    no doubt jyothsna, this man surely possess the special charm.
    so, viewers aren’t you excited to witness the sequence? keep an eyeon your favourite show.

  6. kanimozhi Raman


  7. intersting track..and please bring roli back

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