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Scene 1
Inspector arrests the thugs. Roli says we shouldn’t waste time. Khushi asks inspector to get their jewelry back. they go to the shopkeeper. He is scared to see the cops. He says chacha why are you getting me in all this. siamr says please tell us what you saw. He says okay. Entire dehli garbage is thrown near highway. I went there to find metallic stuff. I heard an accident. When I went to the road a man was hit by a truck. I couldn’t see who was driving the truck but I saw the one who got hit by the trick. Sid shows him the photo of prem and asks was It him? He says yes he was the one. simar says this means prem. He says no he was alive. A car came there and stopped there. A woman came out of the car. Inspector asks did you see the woman? He says her face was hidden.

Simar says what did prem say ? He says no the woman hit prem with a rod and he was fainted. She whistled. Two men came out of truck and took prem in the truck That woman called someone and called a toe truck. They took prem’s car. I was so scared. I tried to help that man. I went inside the truck. That man was unconscious but he was repeating a woman’s name. He was saying simar simar. The thugs came and took that man while I was hidden. I thought I should help him but I was so scared. Sid says this means you have seen the place where they have kept prem? inspector says take me to that place. He says yeah I am coming after changing.

Sid calls sankalp and tells him everything. SAnkalp tells the family they know where they have kep prem. Prem will be with us. Surbhi is shocked to know this. she says in heart how is this possible? If they reach prem everyone will know my truth.

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Inspector asks bablo to open the door. There is no respond. Chacha and inspector break the door but bublo is not in the house. He has ran somewhere. Inspector says he must be somewhere near. we should look for him. Everyone is looking for bablo in different directions. No one could find him. Sid says he has ran from this colony. vikrant says why he ran after telling us truth? roli says did he tell us fake story? inspector says he was saying truth and someone has vanished him. Whom did you tell sid? He says I told my family. vikrant says that woman got to know about bablo and she vanished bablo. Simar says we have to find that woman. khushi says but we don’t even know her. inspector says we should go to site of accident. We will find a proof. Sid asks the women to go home. Inspector summons his team at the site. simar says I hope prem is fine.

Sid is depressed. Vikrant says you have to control yourself. we have to find proofs. he says how will we find proofs on this silent road? Inspector says we will find rpem don’t worry. sid says my brother never did anything wrong still he just has tears in his eyes. First simar left and now he is abducted. don’t know where to find him. Please help us GOd. They hear a bell ringing from a temple. vikrant says lets go and check who is ringing the bell so madly. When they go there no one is in the temple. Its an abandoned temple. They look in every nook and corner of it. inspector sys she is very clever she has cleared all the proofs. there is someone who has an eye on us. sid says what should we do Insoector says I will arrange a check post here. He says we should go from here now.

Scene 2
At night, someone comes to the temple. Its the same woman, she opens a white cage. Prem is inside it.

Precap-sid says inspector has got some proofs that will tell who is behind the abduction. Its some jewelry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Its been 2 days but prem is still missing

  3. yar fast we want prem & simar together . the throwout surabi& pari

  4. Can’t they just speed this up?

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