Sasural Simar Ka 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says I wont let anyone be harmed. I will come back with prerna. Sujata says you are not alone. We are all with you. They all say yes simar. Simar leaves.
Simar comes near house and says there are too many guards how will I do in. She break a car’s glass, all the guards go after it. Simar sneaks in the house from the side.
Simar sees prerna roped inside the house. She says don’t worry prerna I am coming.
Prerna says I have to do something. Simar looks for a way to go inside. Simar tries to unlock the shutter.
Chanda comes to prerna and says my game failed. Now this small fish will attract big one to my net. Prerna wonders who is she talking about.

Simar unlocks the shutter. Prerna says what are you doing here? Simar says lets go. I am so

sorry. She releases her. Prerna hugs her. Prerna says this means she was talking about you. Prerna says you shouldn’t have come here simar. Simar says I couldn’t leave you here. Lets go. Maani comes in. She says so here is big fish in my net. What you thought you can release her? Like is it so easy? You wont go back alive. And whatever happened was good because what didn’t happen yesterday will happen today. She laughs. Prerna starts screaming help help. All the guards hear it and run. Maani says they are all coming here. They will kill you. Death and you are moments apart. Simar takes prerna’s hand and runs, Maani says your death lies behind the door. The guards come in. Simar and prerna are not there.Guards say lets check the door.
Prerna says how will we go out of house now? They see sid coming and hide behind the fridge.
Guards tells sid about simar. Sujata says please save simar and prerna God. Amar and sid are looking for them. Sid says find her or I will kill you two.

Simar asks prerna is there a way to go out? She says there is a window in sid’s room but going there is impossible. Simar says we have to. They try to run. Prem sees them. Sid comes and says was someone there? Prem says I looked there no one is there. Sid says okay.
Simar and prerna reach the room. Simar says prerna you go I am coming. prerna jumps out of the window. Simar hides. Guards see her. Simar starts running.She comes in a big room. Mata ji points a gun at her. Mataji says enough. Simar..Simar say you know me?

Precap-Mataji says nothing can save you now. I will kill you. Your story is over, bye bye. Simar says no mata ji. Mataji shoots and laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. worst…prena come very few episodes as a frnd…but she helps simar lot..even she does not worry abt her life…wat a unbeliveable friendship…she cnt replace roli’s place in sid’s life and bharadwaj parivar…miss u roli…and rosid…

  2. ya vaishnavi…she’s such a disgusting shameless individual who even dare to run behind her friend’s sisterz’s husband telling “Siddhantji have fud…”…dnt she have shame…well…better dnt talk of it whole thing is foolishness

  3. Hi guys I think prena is good, she needs stay in bharadwaj house.i miss rosid. Roli ned came back in ssk.

  4. Amar ned some one he very nice to prem parivar.prena can be wife of Amar.

  5. krishnai aka ww

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