Sasural Simar Ka 4th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 4th May 2013 Written Update

Roli is protecting Simar and Veeru fires a bullet at her. He tells her if you don’t become mine, then I won’t let you become anyone else’s either. Bullet hits Roli and she falls down unconscious.

Sid feels something bad happened, but then says you’re going to meet your Roli.. how can anything bad happen. He says, I am coming Roli..I am coming.

Simar is asking Roli to open her eyes. Veeru is also crying and says, forgive me Roli.. I love you a lot and is leaving from there. But Simar attacks on him with a rod. He also falls down unconscious. Roli is still breathing.. Simar says to her, I will take to you the hospital. Roli seems to have given up. Simar says, you don’t say like that.. have faith in God. Simar brings her out but doesn’t know how to take her to the hospital.

A car comes and Simar tries to stop it, but it doesn’t stop. Then taxi comes and it stops, but driver says this is police case.. I can’t help. Simar also falls down when she tries to stop a truck. Another truck comes and they stop as Simar is in their way. Simar asks them for help and they help her out.

Sid returns and tells his family that Simar left hotel this morning. They try to call Simar, but no luck. Sid feels something is wrong and he says I can’t stay like this.. I will go and search them. Mataji tells him that she will also go with him. When others say they will go along, Mataji tells them to rest in hotel.. but they say we can’t rest until we find them. They all leave. read full updates daily only at Simar and Roli are in back of the truck. Too much blood is flowing. Simar tells Roli nothing will happen to you.. just some more time. She asks driver to drive faster. Roli apologizes to Simar.. Simar says you didn’t do anything. Roli says I had promised you that we will always stay together, but I can’t fulfill it. Simar says, nothing will happen to you.. don’t say like that.

Simar asks her not to say anything as it will hurt her more. She says we will talk a lot once you get fine and we go back home. Roli says, I don’t have much time.. let me talk. I never got chance to say all this.. She tells her, you look good when you smile.. she asks her to smile. Simar smiles. Roli again apologizes her as she couldn’t recognize her when she came to take her. She tells Simar to tell Sid that she loves him a lot.. and apologize for all the difficulties that he had to face because of her. Simar tells her we will reach hospital very soon .. nothing will happen to you. Roli says I wanted to meet Sid one last time. Simar tells her everyone is coming to take Roli back to home. They will be here soon.

Sid and family are trying to call Simar, but Simar is not picking up. They are worried and Mataji says don’t know what happened.. she hasn’t picked up phone once. Their car is right behind the truck in which Roli and Simar are. Mausji asks Simar’s dad to drive faster and overtake the truck. Roli says, Roli loves her Sid a lot and her eyes close. Simar asks her to open her eyes. Bhardwaj’s car overtake the truck and they don’t see Roli or Simar in the truck. Simar is screaming Roli to open her eyes, but no effect on Roli.

Precap: Simar brings Roli to the hospital and ask doctor to do her treatment. Doctor does her checkup and comes out. SImar asks him if Roli is fine. Doctor says, I am sorry. She is no more. Simar is in disbelief.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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