Sasural Simar Ka 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji is in room, she write 666 on mirror with red lipstick. Everyone is dazed to see her like that. mata ji says move back. Don’t dare breaking my rules. Karuna says mata ji.. She says shut up. Dont dare talking in front of me. She says I will cut you tongue with this cutter. Mata ji laughs. She puts beatles in her mouth. She says get out now. Khushi says what is wrong with mata ji. Karuna says how can she behave this way. Roli says I am really worried. I feel like there is a trouble in our family. Simar says in heart I can’t tell them truth. simar says mata ji is not in her senses. She doens’t know what she is doing. Go to your rooms. everyone leaves.

Chantu says to simar are you worried for nimo? She was writing 666? Simar says I dont know what is happening.

Chantu says people say this is evil’s number. They consider it symbol of destruction. Chantu says I think nimo is under control of those souls. I am so worried. have you done something? You should talk to someone. Chantu says are you concealing something from me? Simr says no. She says people in our village would have called her witch. Simar says I trust God. Nothing wrong will happen. Sughada says guru maa will show you a way or other. Simar wonders how does she know about guru maa? She says I never told her.

Chantu comes to her. She says to madhvi listen.. simar knocks and says aunty listen. Chantu opens the door. She asks what happened? Simar says how you know about guru maa?
Chantu says who guru maa? Simar says you just said that guuru maa will show a way. Chantu says i never sid that. Simar says you did. Chantu says I swear I didn’t. Simar leaves. Madhvi says you put doubt in her mind. Madhvi says before simar does something else, we should do something. Madhvi says your friend is there to help us. Chantu says nimo has done so much for us but real thing is left. chantu says my work should be done after that I dont care even if she dies.

At night, simar is asleep. She sees mahadev in her sleep. simar wakes up and find some leaves near her. She says that dream and these leaves? Do they have a connection? Maybe this is a path. Maybe he is calling me. Simar says I will go there.

Scene 2
At the temple,simar reaches with arti. Simar says I will not return empty handed from here.
Anandi reaches there as well. She recalls the woman says nimoli hates her mom. She nimboli saying that I dont need mom I hate her. SHe says I have to tell her that I am her real mom.
Simar and anadi do the pooja together. Pandit says you dont have pot. simar says that would waste time. Anandi says I have extra. SHe gives hers to simar. Simar gives her leaves. A poor woman asks for milk for her hungry girl. Pandit says this is for pooja.
Anandi says this mother needs this milk more. Pandit ji says you should leave this pooja amid. SImar says I know what you are thinking. There is nothing greater than humanity. They see a little girl crying. Anandi says bholy nath cant get mad seeing us giving the milk to poor girl. Simar says you can’t make poor people cry fr pooja. We are leaving the pooja but it has better. Anandi says this is voice of bholy nath. Anandi gives her the milk. Simar says this is the real pooja. Anandi says I felt like my daughter is crying. simar says is she not with you? Don’t worry everything will be okay? Simar gives her milk to the poor girl as well. She says I hope you both get what you want. Ananddi says that girl was special I feel like it. Simar says she was here to test us and bless us. anandi says kids are shadow of God. Anandi says my good wishes are with you. Simar says your wishes will come true as well. Simar leaves.

At night, the woman makes sweets. Nimboli wakes up. her maa asks you want something? she syas I can smell something. she says yes of sweets.
The woman comes and sits in front of fake baba. she hear his lecture. A man says we dont like calling you moni baba. We want you to tell us your real name so we can call you by it. They all say yes we want to know your name. Moni’s secretary says have you asked God’s name ever? Moni says no one asks God because he cna’t come here and tell them but I can and I should answer them. God sent us without names. But parents and society give us a name. the real name is of what you earned. Now you tell me does these name mean more or work? You should serve the society. My life is full of peac. You can all call me anand. The woman comes to him and gives him sweets. She says i made it myself.
baba eats it.

Precap-Anjali says i wanna show you something. she shows simar video in which choti dulhan is visible.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ssk: siddanth strangle’s roli neck, tries to kill her.
    colors tv show ssk will witness a major twist in the episodes to come.
    it seems that siddanth will get possessed by the sprit of a ghost, he will starts behaving like an illiterate angry man.
    roli will come near him and close the door of her room and this act of her gets siddanth angry.
    he will strangles roli’s neck and try to kill her however simar will come on time and request siddanth to leave her sister roli.
    both simar and roli are shocked to see siddanth in such a way and get suspicious about the whole incident.
    the two will spy over siddanth to know the real reason behind his strange behaviour.
    stay tuned for more updates.

  2. Producers should not be allowed to cast children in the serial Sasural Simar Ka. There is a disclaimer saying no child has been hurt in the serial. That’s as may be. But children do see and imbibe these tantrik rituals and sorcery. This could leave a life long effect.

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