Sasural Simar Ka 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roshni serves drinks to pari’s friend. They treat her rudly. A woman says this all refreshment is so cold. What is this. Roshni says try pakoray please. A woman says Pari your maid is so well dressed. Keep an eye. These people steal things from house. Simar comes and says shut up. How can you behave like this with anyone? You have any manners? Mataji says ask your friends that they might talk like this in their house but not in mine. Ananiya says actually we were just.. Simar says you may leave. They all leave. Pari says how are you behaving with our guests. Mataji says then teach your men to respect people. Respect is a two way thing. Thank you for coming. Pari’s friend says you called us here to get us insulted. Ananiya’s friend says don’t ever invite us again.

Pari says to roshni says this all happened because of you. I fire you get out. Mataji says whats her mistake? Simar says yes. She did her responsibility. I don’t know why you and your friends did this. The food is still warm. She puts food on Uma’s hand. Uma’s says my hand burns. Mataji says roshni you don’t have to go anywhere. Roshni says thank you mataji. They all go in their rooms.

Simar says roshni mataji took your side because you are right. Every moment will be a new challenge for you. You have to win this war. Roshni says I will. You are with me. Roshni says whats in your hands? Simar says Piyush likes this all. So I packed it in a box. Roshni takes the lunch box.

Scene 2
Roshni comes home.
Piyush is upset. She says what happened. He says I can’t find a job. People say I am over qualified for these jobs. How was your house? She says I.. That bharadwaj house. He says don’t take that name in front of me. People don’t want to see my degree. They want to know why I am seeking a job. He says I am sorry. I shouldn’t be rude to you. Its all not your mistake. What about your job? She says I got a tuition. So I have to be with him and teach him. He says thats great. Congratulations. Roshni says in heart I am sorry I have to lie to you. He says who is in that house? Roshni says they have a grandma. And a man who really loves her kids. She is so nice to me. She packed me lunch as well. her daughter is getting married. He says lets have lunch then. Piyush says this food is just like mom’s. Roshni says yes. because a mother made this anyway. He makes her eat.

Scene 3
SAnju comes to her room and sees a gift. She opens it. The letter says if you like it then call me. If you don’t then be angry in the texts. Your samir. She smiles and opens the gift. Its a bracelet. She says wow this is so pretty. Anjali comes in. Sanju says see.. Anjali sleeps.

Samir waits for sanju’s call. He calls her himself. He says you didn’t call. She says I was about to. He says did you like it? She says I really like it. He says I wish I could see you happy. She says then you could come here we live in the same house. He talks to her anajli is annoyed. Sanju says anajli is asleep. I will talk to you later. Sanju sleeps next to anajli. Anjali says I will switch your smile in tears.

At night, its raining. Roshni and piysuh’s house leaks. He tries to fix it. Roshni says where will we sleep. THe whole room is full of water. He says don’t worry. They sleep in a corner. Piyush makes her sleep in his lap. He caresses her face.

Next morning, Roshni wakes up. Simar calls her. She says where is she. Are they in trouble. She calls her again. Vikrma says your phone is ringing. He is about to pick her phone.

Precap-Kb gives something to roshni. She says wear this and work. Because you are servant. you can’t work in sari. Mataji says sanju come pandiit ji is here. Her face is full of pimples.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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