Sasural Simar Ka 4th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says I am really scared somewhere there is something wrong. Mataji says don’t think like that. Simar says I cant explain, but I feel it. Mataji says let me call Prem. Mataji calls Prem. She says wherever you are go to temple and bring black thread for simar. Prem says okay. Kamiya overhears that. She says you are so stupid, she thinks she can stop Kaal.
Prem is on his way. The witch is on his backseat. She reads a mantra. Speed of Prem’s car goes out of control.

Simar is working in kitchen. Suddenly she holds her stomach. Prem tries to control his car. There is a lorry coming too. Prem’s car crashes in the lorry. His head falls on the steering.
Simar screams everyone comes to her. Simar cries and says its really hurting. Mataji says lets take

her to hospital.
They take simar to hospital. Doctor says we can’t say anything right now. She and the child are okay but we don’t know why is she screaming so much.
Mataji says let me call Prem and inform him. Someone else picks Prem’s phone. He says this man has met an accident..mata ji says what.. She tells everyone crying. Amaar says lets go sankalp. Simar is screaming with pain. Mataji says here simar is screaming with pain and there prem has met an accident.
Doctor says simar please don’t move.
Mahamaya says we can calm kaal down. She gives a herb to dumy of Kaal.
Simar keeps jumping. The bed she holds is bent. Kamiya says if someone see this they will be dazed.The dummy of kaal rejects the herb. Mahamaya says no Kaal please. Don’t do this. I promise you,whoever comes in your way will face what prem has faced, Please calm down kaal.
Simar calms down too. Nurse says I think she has fainted. nurse says I don’t understand whats happening.
Prem is brought to hospital and treated too. Khushi says dont worry mataji. Doctor says don’t worry about him. He will be okay. mataji says can we meet him? He says not right now.
A man tells them how prem’s car crashed in the truck. He says the was completely crashed, this black thread and idol saved him I guess. nurse tries to do simar’s ultrasound. She says there is something wrong with her totally. Kamiya hypnotizes her and says tell them that child and mom are okay.

Precap-Prem says what happened to simar. Kamiya says she is here in this hospital. Prem says I wanna meet her. Jhanvi ties thread on simar’s wrist. Simar opens her eyes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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