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Sasural Simar Ka 4th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says would you have done the same if it was anjali instead of sanju? No you would have given double amount. She is not your blood, this is why she is paying. To prove yourself right your risked her life. Her parents gave me her responsibility. You hate vikrant but that doesn’t mean that you will make that little girl pay for it. Prem says i have never differentiated between them. Simar says you always have, you always preferred anjali over sanju. Prem says i would still say you are wrong, i have always treated them equally. They are both my eyes, how can i prefer one over other. Simar says when one eye blinks we consider it blessed and when the other one does we consider it a curse. inspector comes in, simar says what you found about sanju? He says we dont know where they

have taken her but we have found the car they were taking sanju in but they ran and we couldn’t catch them. Simar says did you see sanju? was she fine? inspector says they ran with her. Next step would take some time, we have recovered the money bag from them. Simar says what would we do with this money? We dont need money. Simar says because of you daughter is not here. you could take action once i got her. But for some people they had to prove that they are always right. inspector says i am still trying but i am sorry for what happened today. simar says you all think its easy to commit and then suicide but whoever faces it knows the pain.

Prem says don’t lower me so down in your gaze. You are saying like i did this deliberately.I wanted to save her. Simar says but you couldn’t. He says what do you think i don’t love her. I want to brin her back in this house as well. I promise i will. simar says don’t promise something that you can’t fulfill. He says you can put allegations on me and leave like this or.. simar says or what? He says the misunderstandings will dig deeper and my family will consider me wrong. Simar says i am dazed you still think there is something left. When you lose, i lose more. you said i tried but i failed, i lost my daughter. You only think about yourself, think about me too sometime. i am the most disappointed woman on earth right now, the lost mother and the defeated woman. Simar starts walking away. prem says wait a minute simar, you have not lost today neither have i. this relationship has lost. And if you feel defeated its my defeat as well. Its impossible to bring trust in this relationship now. There is no point of faking it. Mata ji gave us time, to get everything better, to decide something. the deadline ended, i want to tell you my decision. The relationship that bound us is shattered. Today, I break this relationship up with you. I want to divorce you. Everyone is bewildered. Sujata says what are you saying prem. roli says why are you doing this to her? she is already shattered because of sanjina and you want to break her even more. Prem says you are against me. all of me. God knows sanjina and anjali are equal for me. Simar says its easy to braek relations but not to carry them on. Prem says you want to break it as well. SImar says then it would have broken when you lost me in a bet. I had a strong reason but i didn’t do it. You know why because i am not bound to you only. I am daughter in law of this house. i am mata ji’s daughter. These relations matter to me, i can’t break all these ties easily. i know you gave me all these relations but mata ji bound us together. She will decide the end of this relation as well. Whatever mata ji decides for us, i will accept it.

Precap-Roli says to simar, i know what prem did can’t be forgotten but its about sanju. You have to become each others strength. You have to bring her back together.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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