Sasural Simar Ka 4th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali comes in home. Prem hugs her. Anjali says masi look ice cream. Roli hugs her as well. Prem says Anjali tell me where were you ? Anjali says I went to play outside I met an uncle he said he is your friend. He took me and got me an ice cream. He said he came to meet me. He was so nice. He took me in his car. When I was done with one ice cream he got me another. Prem says who was he ? have you met him before ? Prem says I asked you not to talk to unknown people. Sujata says why you went out ? Anjali says I went to get my ball. Mausi ji says what that man wanted ? Khushi says I have heard that people abduct by giving ice cream to kids who leaves them home. Khushi says this time Anjali is safe because of mata rani but if it keeps on going. You left with the keys you should just take

care. Mata ji says we can’t just leave it like this. Mata ji says Anjali are you hungry ? Lets all go and eat first.

Scene 3
Khushi says this roli is hiding something from the family. I have to tell the family and the keys will go away from her.

Simar says this is the right time. No one is home. I have to look for sunnaina’s picture in vikran’s room and study. She rummages everywhere but can’t find any picture. She says how is that possible. Someone who loves his so much that he was ready to ruin so many lives for her doesn’t even have a photo of her. There is something wrong.

Roli calls simar and says I can’t conceal this anymore. I have to tell you now. Prem and surbhi have got engaged.

Scene 2
There simar is in deep thoughts. Sanju comes and says mama open the door. Roli is trying to call her. She say why are you not receiving the call didi I have to tell you Anjali is fine. Karthik says why no one is receiving the call. Simar hears the phone bell and goes to receive it from her room. She receives it Karthik is about to pick up as well but baa calls her. Roli tells her that Anjali is back to home. People who are behind sunnaina’s death are so dangerous. Siamr asks is Anjali fine ? Roli says yes she is. roli says I will figure out sunnaina’s murderer and you will back to home. SIamr says I will be back to prem and Anjali and you all. Vikran knocks the door. He says sunnaina open the door. he is with sanju. Sanju mama didn’t open when I ask her to. He sees siamr’s burnt hand. He asks what happened to your hand. Simar says candle was about to fall when I was doing arthi. He isa bout to say something. Simar says don’t you miss sunnaina ? He says why this question. Simar says don’t respond with another question. he says she is my life I miss her everyday. Simar asks when she met the accident were you with her ? Vikran says no. Why are you asking after 2 years. Simar says people who are part of your life. Vikran says whe I came home she was not there. I found her car and her dead body down the cliff. Then I got to know by your words what happened. Sanju comes and says chachu is taking us all for a movie. baa is ready too. Siamr says I am not feeling well. I can’t come. They all leave. simar says I have never seen a photo of sunnaina with vikran. I have to find something related to her. She looks everyhwre but can’t find anything.

Scene 4
Surbhi comes to roli and says you ave done more than a mom for Anjali. Roli says we didn’t want her to got through what we have been. Not even absence of her mom. Simar calls her. Surbhi says I will be with her you can talk on call.
Simar tells her that she can’t find a photo of sunnaian in house. roli says I have to tell you something that I have been concealing. Prem and surbhi have got engaged. Simar is shocked.

precap – simar ask roli on call what were you saying ? Roli says this is same hospital I talked about. Suddenly someone comes and places hand on her shoulder. She is scared. She turns back. Its sid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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