Sasural Simar Ka 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 4th July 2013 Written Update

Simar tells Jhumki, I am afraid that Mataji found your truth. We saved this house by lying, but we can’t lose Mataji by telling the truth. Without Mataji, this house will collapse. Jhumki says, nothing will happen to Mataji, you’re worrying for no reason. Mataji opens her eyes and asks for Roli. Roli says, I am here only. Mataji forwards her hand to touch Jhumki, but remembers Sid’s words and takes it back.

Mataji says, you’re not my Roli. Both Simar and Jhumki are shocked. Mataji is again having pain and then gets unconscious again.

Next day, Prem tells Sid, Simar, Jhumki, we can’t tell truth to Mataji in this condition. Sid says, she won’t be able to hear that. Uma comes and asks everyone to go to Mataji’s room. Mataji is asking everyone for Roli. Prem,

Sid, Simar, Jhumki come. Mausiji tells Mataji, here’s your Roli, now relax. Mataji tells everyone, she is not my Roli. I heard Sid telling them that we can’t get our Roli back ever. She asks Sid if he said that. She asks him, why did you say that? Where’s our Roli? Sid gestures Prem what to do. Prem tells Mataji, whatever you heard was not true. Sid supports Prem. Mataji says, no I heard myself you saying that we can’t get our Roli back. If this is not Roli, then where is our Roli? Sid is quiet. Sujata asks him to say the truth. Sid says, mataji is right. I was sharing my pain with Simar and Prem. You heard it right Mataji. I said because Roli has lost her memory. Even if she wants, she won’t be able to be like before. He sits beside Mataji and says, you didn’t hear everything, that’s why you misunderstood. Who knows whether Roli will get her memory back or no. I was upset thinking about all that. I was missing my Roli and that is why I went to my room, and Simar, Prem saw me, so they came after me as well. Mataji finally calms herself down, accepting she had misunderstanding. She says, I have had such a huge misunderstanding. She asks Roli to come to her and apologizes her. Jhumki says, I am your Roli and absolutely fine in front of you. Mataji kisses Jhumki’s forehead and gives her blessing. Everyone is leaving so Mataji can rest, but Mataji stops everyone and says, I have a way so Sid will get his Roli back. Sid and Roli’s marriage. Sid and Jhumki are shocked. Mataji wants to get them married again. Everyone, who doesn’t know Jhumki’s truth, agrees. But Sid refuses.

Sid then remembers doctor’s words of keeping Mataji happy. He says, I mean how can I do this marriage? Roli doesn’t even remember me, then how can I marry her in such condition? Mataji says, that is why this wedding is needed. If you repeat what was done in the past, it helps in getting memory back. This wedding will help Roli to get her memory back, and we shouldn’t forget that you and Roli are legally divorced. Mataji’s condition gets critical. Everyone takes care of her and says, everything will happen the way you want. Sid leaves from there. Mataji gets worried. Sujata tells her, I will talk to him, don’t worry. Everyone leaves from there.

Jhumki recalls what just happened. She says, my wedding with Sid? He’s a nice guy, but how can I do that. It’s different to live for few days and to get married. I can’t start new life with a lie. She is in two minds. She now says, maybe this is my destiny. That is why my face is like Roli. Bantu says, I know what you’re thinking about.. You’re thinking what will happen to me after my marriage, right? But he’s my friend and I also know that you like him. We all will live together happily. Jhumki says to herself, maybe Bantu is right. I also like him, then why refuse for the marriage?

Sid is talking to himself, how can I explain to Mataji that I can’t marry her? How can I explain that she is not Roli… Sujata comes there and says, I know what’s going on in your mind, but this is not the time to step back. Why don’t you think like with this step, your and Roli’s relationship will have a new beginning. And mataji will get a new life. He is going to tell her something, but Simar comes n stops him. She tells Sujata that mataji is calling her. Sujata leaves telling Simar to explain Sid now.

Simar tells Sid, I heard your conversation and she is right. You should say yes. By marriage time, mataji may get fine like before and maybe we can tell her truth. Sid still refuses saying he can’t give Roli’s place to anyone, not even for a day.. marriage is too far. Jhumki listens that and is hurt.

Precap: Sid and Simar search for Jhumki. They find a letter written by Jhumki in which she says, I can’t marry Sid, I am leaving from here with Bantu.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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