Sasural Simar Ka 4th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Simar opens the box curiously

Sasural Simar Ka 4th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar thinking she shall save Mata ji and also the box from Aaliya. She calls Prem and tells him everything. Prem says we shall call Police and asks her to give box to Aaliya. Simar agrees. Mata ji asks Aaliya why she is doing this. Aaliya still holds knife on her neck and says she has killed many. Mata ji says you don’t know Simar’s bhakti ki shakti. Aaliya asks if Mata rani will come out of idol and stop him. Simar gets the box kept hidden and thinks she has to give box to Aaliya. Prem throws box on Aaliya wearing Simar’s saree. Aaliya pushes Mata ji and holds the box, but it turns out to be something else. Aaliya asks where is the box. Prem holds her. Aaliya kicks him and runs. Simar is still in room and thinks she can’t turn her face away from responsibility.

She thinks about the happenings in the house and thinks what is in it, because of which everyone got ready to kill each other. She opens the box and sees Mata ji stabbing her with the trishul and others also holding the weapon to kill her. She tells that she is Simar. Mata ji stabs her. Simar dies as per the box. Simar gets shocked and closes the box. She says I can’t believe to this.

Mata ji comes there and calls her name. She says Aaliya left as Prem saved her and Aaliya escaped. Mata ji tells Simar that they shall throw it. Simar says they can leave it anywhere and tells that she will go to the place and find solution to destroy it. She asks Mata ji to keep the box with herself until she returns and asks her not to open the box in any circumstances. Prem calls Piyush. Simar manages to go hiding from his eyes. Mata ji comes to her room and thinks to keep it in the almari. She hides it under the pillow on the bed and prays to Mata rani. She thinks to ask Prem about Roshni and Pari.

Just then she hears sound and thinks from where it is coming. She sees box making sound and sees light coming out from it. She thinks why it is attracting me towards it. She recalls Simar’s words and asks Mata rani to help her. She goes to talk to Prem.

Simar reaches the place where she found the man who gave him box and asks Mata rani to help her. Just then people go from there holding mata rani’s idol. A man asks her if she is troubled by the box. Prem tells Mata ji that he will go to the hospital. Piyush comes there and cries asking mata rani to save his Roshni. Mata ji asks him not to be weak and says Roshni will be fine soon. Piyush says she is critical and says if anything happens to her then I will also die. Mata ji hugs him. Prem says you can’t lose strength. She needs your support. Piyush says my Roshni is courageous like Maa. Prem says she will come out of this. He says I am sure she will win. He asks where is Simar? Mata ji says Simar went to enquire about the box. Prem says she went alone, don’t know where is she? Mata ji says Simar will be fine.

Prem comes to Mata ji’s room and gives her injection. Mata ji’s condition deteriorates and she closes her eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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