Sasural Simar Ka 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says to Saroj let’s go home. Saroj says home? Simar says from now on Bharadwaj house is your home as well. Prem and Mataji left as well to prepare to welcome you. Saroj says how can we live there. And you know what will people say. Simar says don’t care about people. They talk that’s all they do. Simar says I understand your problem. You are worried because of Anjali as well. Don’t think we are doing all this to pressurize you to apologize Anjali. Anjali should be punished for what she did so thats up to you completely. In Bharadwaj house you won’t have any trouble from Anjali’s side. Simar says think that we are your relatives. We just want to help you in time. we should all worry for just sanjev’s health. Simar says she couldn’t

become good daughter in law in your house but she will behave well in the house.

Anjali is talking on call. Mataji prepares for welcome. Anjali says who is coming? prem says actually.. Simar and Saroj and vikram come in. anjali says will he live here? i am so happy. Prem says his family will live here as well. Anjali says in heart now they will all be her as well. Prem tells which room should be given to Saroj and vikram. Simar says I have decided everything. Simar says Anjali will live with Vikram right? Anjali serves everyone tea. Anjali says I won’t shift to another room? Simar says yes with vikram. Anjali says I and Vikram can live in my room. Simar says you have understand a few things. Don’t think this is your house consider this your in laws’ house now. Anjali is dazed. Anjali says are you kidding me? Why shouldn’t I consider my own house mine? I have right on this house too. Simar says with rights come responsibilities as well. Vikram says don’t force her if she doesn’t want to change her room. Vikram says i will stay in my dad’s room. I will take care of him. Simar says is that what you want? Also don’t think they are all here because they forgave you no. They are here because I requested them. So you have to assure then you repent over what you did. Rest is up to you of course. Anjali says I will shift with Vikram. I will do what Vikram says and live where he lives. Vikram says I.. Anjali says give me one chance. I won’t do anything that would create problem for anyone. simar says go pack up because you are shifting today.

Simar says Saroj ji I promise you I will make my daughter a good daughter in law. What she couldn’t learn as a daughter she will learn as a daughter in law here.
Anjali says she shifted me from my room to here? Am I a guest now? Shanaya calls Anjali. Anjali says KB didn’t even call me once. She says when Kb gets to know what this simar did she will be shocked. Simar mortified her why would she call me? I know how to handle all this. I know how to fix my life. I have to win Vikram’s trust so everything is in my control likje before.
Vikram says Sanjev I won’t let anything happen to you. You will recover dad. He makes him drink soup. Anajli comes in. She says Vikram.. don’t worry. You are mad at me then dont punish your own self. Please rest. Vikram says I can’t leave dad alone. I have to take care of him. Anjali says but he is asleep. Vikrma says what if he wakes up and need something. He might need me. Anjali says but.. Vikram says go from here please. Anjali says in heart I have to do something with all this.
She comes to Prem and says dad we should get a nurse for papa. prem says I am glad to see you care for him. Simar says nurse won’t take care of him like family. So you should take care of him. Your decision is right.

Precap-Anjali says to Sanjev I am giving you meds, don’t waste my time. I can do whatever I want with you. You can’t do anything. I will take your son from you. Vikram comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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