Sasural Simar Ka 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devika and Khushi shower idol and mata ji collects it in a glass. Devika says make simar drink this it will end patali.
Mataji comes to simar and says i met pandit ji. I was worried for your troubles. He told me if you drink this water it will kill your trouble. Simar takes the glass. Simar takes the glass and drinks the water. She crumples the glass. Mata ji dazed. Simar throws the glass away. Mata ji runs out but patali locks the door. Mata ji says khushi devika.. open the door. Simar comes near her. Simar grasps her by hair and says now this door will open when I want. You did what i wanted you to. Now no one can kill me. I knew that khushi and devika will reach the glass and i wanted that. Because i can’t go there because i am not human. I am the devi of evils. I

am patali. This is why i didn’t stop khushi and you people did what i wanted. You wanted to kill me, but you made me immortal. No one can kill me now. She laughs. Mata ji says i can’t believe my eyes. What will happen now. Mata ji says you are our simar. You are standing against your family. Simar says you can’t still believe? Simar faints. Patali’s idol comes out of her. Mata ji is scared. Mata ji says simar please get up. Simar gets up and shoves mata ji. Simar says now your simar wont come back. Nor you nor your family can stop me now. I am immortal. she laughs. Mata ji stands up and tries to sneak out. The door opens itself. Mata ji runs out. Mata is running in the house. She sits on the floor. Mata ji runs towards the phone. Khushi and devika come in. Khushi says what happened mata ji. Why are you so worried? Mata ji.. Mata ji is crying. Simar throws thew crumpled glass from balcony. Khushi and devika are dazed.

Mata ji, khushi and devika run to temple. Mata ji says what is happening God. the simar who has always been good and now. Please save your simar God. People will stop trusting you. Please save simar.
Everyone comes in the house. Sujata sees mata ji. Rajhidner says what happened mata ji?
Mata ji runs to prem. Prem says what happened? Mata ji says this.. Sid says what happened? simar pours light on her throat. Mata ji can’t speak anymore. Khushi says mata ji tells everyone. Mata ji can’t speak. Khushi says please tell everyone mata ji. Mata ji points at simar but simar directs her finger towards khushi. Khushi says let me tell. Mata ji falls on the sofa. uma brings her water. Mata ji faints. Everyone is scared.
Simar says what have you done khushi. Khushi says i have not done anything. simar says don’t lie. I covered all your mistakes. Because mata ji wanted your lies to come in front of everyone. This is why she was pointing at you. Because of you mata ji’s life is endangered. Khushi says she is lying. simar says you stop lying. roli says what has khushi done? Simar says that glass there. Khushi brought something in it and was trying to make mata ji drink it. Mata ji said no and she shoved mata ji.

Precap-Everyone faints. Mata ji says what is happening to everyone. Simar says everyone is dead. Mata ji says i wont let this family break. simar says who will stop me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    What a worst story line???no role for roli and making mataji as lead why rashmi mam?? Pls male it as good I think ssk will give way for the new show

  2. Oh no kushi gave her all efforts to bring tat but everything waste ohgaya….i hope nw roli will do something….mostly she will be in action i saw a pic in tat mataji kept sindoor of matarani for roli…..waiting for roli in action

  3. when roli is going to be in action?

  4. Am not a fan of SSK but having seen some past episodes and i can only say that the only saving grace of this serial is Roli and Siddhant.

  5. Mataji devika kushi…if ssk continue based on these char by sideling rosid n vl go off qir in this year..get ready ssk cvs to shut down d show

  6. Very stupid serial I have never seen before….

  7. This is dedicated to the writer,producer of SASURAL SIMAR KA

    Agar heroine hi villain ban jaye to kya karna chahiye??
    Arz karo…
    Agar heroine hi villain ban jaye to kya karna chahiye???

    Arrey villain ko tab heroine bana do….

  8. If every time roli will be in action then what abt other characters. I guess this time writers will be showing something diff.better go in that way only thi time…hope khusi mataji devika will do smthng

    1. Yes…i agree wit you vinay…this time other characters shud be given importance…because not only the lead characters but each one every one in bharadwaj family deserves a chance to save their family frm all their troubles…aftr all its a family show…it shows their love and trust…

      1. Ha ha luv n trust? This is bw family created by ssk cvs..they dont have luv n trust thry just need proofs fr anything.

    2. Its gud to show other char getting that doesnt mean totaĺy sidelining lead character….if they want to give chance they have to give all char eql importance..n dont worry roli is nt in action frm 4 mnths its all simar n so called side writers fullfilling ur wish

  9. Oh.. Missing rosid.. Waiting fr thm..:'(

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