Sasural Simar Ka 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar gives papers to Anjali and says these are papers Prem made to give property to you, Prem bought this property for you,you can give money to Vikran by selling it,Soraj eavesdrop them, Prem says i have found buyer who is going to give me 25lacs, Anjali says this property’s value is much more then why would we sell on such low rates? Prem says Vikram needs money and we are just helping you. Simar says that Anjali think if your husband is important or this property? Prem gives pen to Anjali, Soraj thinks that Anjali wont sign it.Anjali takes pen, she thinks and sits to sign property papers, Simar is happy but Anjali stops, Anjali says i dont have anything more valuable and expansive property than this so i want to take decision about selling it.Simar says you have till tomorrow,

before Roshini’s face revealing ceremony,you can tell your decision, Simar says remember woman’s biggest asset is her family and their happiness, Anjali looks on and leaves. Soraj comes there and says she is selfish thats why she didnt sign it,Simar says she has asked for time to take decision, Soraj says let me tell you her decision,she is not going to sign those papers, i can see truth because i am not blinded by motherly love, Anjali doesnt know how to sacrifice for others, Simar says you are right but if she was like this then we wouldnt be taking her exam, if she was not selfish then we wouldnt be doing this, we are trying to make her learn these things but i am sure, my daughter will prove you wrong this time too, Soraj says time will tell,she smirks and leaves. Prem says to Simar that Anjali is possessive about properties,i dont know if she will sign, Simar says Anjali and Vikram’s future relation depends on this sole decision that she will take tomorrow.
Anjali looks at papers and says if i sign them then it will be help for Vikram but i will lose such good property. Anjali gets call, she says who is this? KB says its me,Anjali says where were you and why didnt you call me?where are you? KB says i will return to that home soon, Anjali says all are miffed with you, KB says i am still their daughter in law, they would have to call me, Anjali says you have called me on right time, i am in trouble,she tells her about property papers, KB says dont do mistake of selling crores of property for meager amount, vikram says find another way to solve this problem,you have only this property so tell them clearly that you wont sell it, KB says dont tell anyone that i called,i will call you again, Anjali says love you and ends call. Vikram comes in room and is on call,he says i want that doctor to treat my father, caller asks him to arrange money for treatment. Vikram ends call and cries,he says what would i do? i am not able to arrange money,i am feeling so helpless,i would sell myself to treat my father but i have lost, Anjali hugs and he cries, Anjali looks at property papers and recalls Simar’s words that woman’s biggest asset is her family, how KB asked her to not be fool enough to sell it, Anjali is in dilemma.

Scene 2
All are waiting for Roshini’s face revealing ceremony. Sumet says to Rita that i told you they will accept our Roshini, Rita sees Simar keeping gifts there and smirks. Mataji asks Simar why she didnt keep gold locket in gifts?Simar opens heart pendant and shows Vaibhavi’s picture in it,she says i made it for Vaibhavi but i have made one more for Roshini, i will ask her to put Piyush and Roshini’s photo in it,Mataji says i pray that everything becomes fine between them. Soraj comes there and says i hope this goes well because my daughter in law put shame on my face in her face revealing ceremony. Simar thinks where is Anjali and why didnt she tell her decision? Prem comes there and says Anjali has taken decision,she is calling us in room. Soraj says i would want to see that, Simar says i trust my daughter that she would have taken right decision, she asks Mataji to come with them, Mataji says no you people go,they leave. Rita looks at Vaibhavi’s locket and thinks this ceremony should be memorable for Simar.
Anjali gives papers to Simar, Simar says why didnt you sign it? Soraj says i told you that she can never change, she is selfish, i won my bet today.. there is knock on door, servant brings pen,Anjali says i didnt have pen thats why i couldnt sign papers, Simar and Prem smiles proudly at her. Anjali signs her property papers. Prem asks Simar why she is crying? Simar says these are happy tears.Soraj is shocked, Simar asks Soraj if she has something to say now? Anjali smiles after signing papers and gives it to Prem. Saroj leaves without anything, Prem says i am proud of you, Anjali says i love Vikram a lot and i can do anything for him so this was nothing,Simar says the decisions we take in difficult times for our loved ones shows our love is true for them, soon Vikram will realize your good intent, be happy.Anjali thinks that if i had listened to KB then i would have gotten money but what would that money do if it can bring happiness to my husband, she says to Prem that dont tell this about to Vikram,i will surprise him with money,she leaves. Prem says i am proud of her afterall she is my daughter, Simar glares him, he says i mean our daughter, Simar thinks that this was not bet but was test of my trust and you made me win it today Anjali.

PRECAP- Simar gifts heart shaped pendant to Roshini. Rita says keep your and Piyush’s photo in it, she opens pendant and says there is Vaibhavi and Piyush’s photo in it,Simar is shocked and says how can this be? Rita says stop drama Simar,you did all this deliberately to insult my daughter infront of everyone,truth is that you havent accepted my daughter as your daughter in law, Simar looks on stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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