Sasural Simar Ka 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Patali walks downstairs and comes near Devika’s deadbody. She says Simar, you are so well, devika opens her eyes. She recalls simar was hitting her.
Jhanvi put sindur on simar’s idol. Simar comes back in her senses. SHe says what was I going to do? She says devika please wake up. Simar gets her up. devika coughs. siamr says forgive me, I dont know what I was doing. SImar says Gaitri made you her slave. She tells simar everything. Simar says you were under her control. Amar has put sindur on your idol. Simar says I would have killed you.
Simar says lets go, to patal palace. We have to saw those seeds. Devika says we have to find that trishun first. Gaitiri has hidden it the way we can’t see it. There is a clue with which we can find it. Simar says you

mean like a code. Devika says you are right. Once we have that trishun she can’t stop us from sawing those sees. Simar says then lets go. Devika says no you have to take me the way she wants you to.

Simar says to Patali says I have done this with your guidance. Patali says stand up. I am very glad. Devika stands on the bacl. Patali says you have made me proud. Patali is about to turn back, devika lies again. Simar says tell me if I can do something else. Devika stands up.
She sees the trishun at the backside. She says I got the trishun but how can I find the clue to take it out.
Patali says yo can go and rest you have killed devika. Patali turns back. She is shocked to see, devika isn’t there. Patali says where is devika’s dead body.
Devika says mata rani uses these codes. She places all these in order of temple.

Simar gets the trishun and says I will kill you now Patali. Devika goes in temple and passes the trishun to simar. Simar takes it, Patali tries to attack her but she can’t. Simar says you have used your evil powers enough. Not anymore. Its time of justice and I will do this. I will do this justice, that is what fate has decided.

Anjali and Nirvan are playing. The ball goes in devika’s house. ANajli sees simar’s idol. She shows it to nirvan. She says lets go tell mata ji.
Patali says you can’t kill me simar. She attacks simar. Simar saves herself with trishun.

Anajali comes home and tells everyone about the idol. Nirvan says she is right, i saw it too. mata ji says was i right? Is simar hiding something. Uma says they are kids.Mata ji says they are both saying it. Lets go and see. pari says you are right. They go to devika’s house.

Patali says you have to pay for this simar. Simar saves herself from patali’s attacks. Simar attacks Patali with the trishun.

Precap-Amar says to idol simar please come back. Mata ji, prem and everyone else comes in. They are dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. guys see this i saw this two news in sbb and sbs yesterday and today.. its confusing me totally about this.. avika quitting or not.
    1. in yesterday sbb segment they said that auditions are going on for new simar mrunal is doing auditions for simar they said in segment (as per track simar is dead the family doing last rituals so after that they show simar came but said mrunal doing auditions for new simar in ssk set)
    2. in today sbs segment chugalkor aunty said that in ssk roli aka avika gor ka replacement ho sakta hai.. because of fims shooting she is not giving time for serial.. and this is happening since last so many days .. so, colors channel decide to replace avika because she is not giving time to serial becoz she give more importance to movies….
    which news is correct and for other track mrunal is playing simar or she is giving auditions for new roli?? please if anyone knows give replay to me….

  2. hi.. akshu hw r u? replay me is avika quitting the show… if you have twitter and instagram please ask her that is she leaving the show…

  3. I heard this news too.but nowdays avika is seen daily in episodes then y is she being replaced.she was busy but now i dont think she is doing any movies .i wish this news doesnt become.i cant bear to watch manish with someone else than avika

  4. Even am confused yaar…..but i dnt want her to go…..because v cannot watch rosid without avika..i cant bear….

  5. Aviman its come rosid no one can replc that…..they are the cutest pair…..pls we wnt rosidsss….

  6. Simar’s soul have returned to earth from Paatal
    Log, and tells that she is back, but the twist is
    Simar’s body is taken for the last rites. Nobody
    could hear Simar as she is soul. Simar cries and
    says if they burn her body then she won’t be able
    to return in their life again. Simar gets shocked as
    Prem gives fire to the dead body. Roli cries
    hugging Sid. Simar asks them to stop and says
    she is back. Prem feels Simar’s presence and says
    she is here while his dead consoles him. Simar is
    left shocked and sits near the burning body.
    Actually, Jhanvi have changed Simar’s body with a
    dead body, and this will help Simar return to her
    body. Simar has come back from Paatal lok. Her
    soul is back in her body. She meets her family.
    She hugs Prem and Mata ji. They all get glad that
    Simar has come back. Simar has come back on
    Anjali’s birthday and fulfills Anjali’s wish to meet
    Simar. Simar apologizes to Prem

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