Sasural Simar Ka 4th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
mata ji says it looks good can i check it? mata ji takes the bottle from them. jatin says they will know that its not some medicine. mata ji asks the woman for it.mata ji gets a call, she says i have to go. she asks uma to bring shurti warm milk.

Simar is driving she says to mata ji that fake roli saw them. simar says i am so worried. amar says i will talk to her. amar says we are together. mata ji says i truts you. amar says please don’t worry. she doesn’t know that God is with us. she can’t harm us. Suddenly they see fake roli on the way. vash says what is she doing here? Simar recalls how she said she will kill roli. simar hits her. Vash says simar slower down the speed of car, simar recalls when fake roli asked her to slap anjali. Simar hits fake roli

and she falls down. they are all in a shock.

Sid recalls when he held shurti in his arms. he says why can’t i forget her. roli wakes up and says what dream was that. she says who were those people? sid says whats wrong with me. why that face comes in front of me again and again. roli says this never happened to me again. she looks at jatin and sushma.

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Sushma says you up daughter? Jatin says bring that powder she will feel good. roli says who are you both. jatin says i am your dad. She syas i don’t know you.

vash says dont worry simar it was just an accident, simar says no i killed her delibrately. if i stopped the car she would have killed you. you don’t know her power. i have seen her behind the door. I did such a great sin. God will never pardon me. Vash says sometimes you have to kill the evil to save people. Lets go from here. They look for her body in the jungle but can’t find anything. vash says simar forget it all, simar says i have killed her. Vash says we can’t do anything to fate. dont blame yourself lets go from here. they leave.

Jatin and sushma have roped roli and they tape her mouth. Sushma calls fake roli but she doesn’t pick the call. Jatin says bring that medicine and give it to her it might work. sujata comes at the door, sushma opens door a little, and takes the milk. Sushma mixes the medicine in the milk and forces roli to drink it. Roli shoves it, jatin says what you did, there is a knock at the door.

Simar says what should we do now? shoul we call cops. Vash says no we have to handle it our way. Amar says she is right we cant involve cops. Mata ji calls, simar says what should i do now. amar picks the call. mata ji says how is siamr? amar tells mata ji everything, mata ji dazed. mata ji says give the phone to simar, amar says she is in a shock its on speaker say what you want, mata ji says sometimes circumstances force you to do things your conscience doesn’t consent with. you did this to save amar, vash and your family. i know that you are in shock right now but trust me everything will be fine, come home as soon as possible. simar says okay we are coming. someone’s phone is ringing but not of any three of them. they look here and there. they find a phone on the ground, it says jatin varma, Simar picks the call, jatin says this girl is recalling everything where is that powder and when will you come back?

Precap-simar says to mata ji but now shurti should get up and she will tell reality to whole family. tomorrow roli will be part of us once again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hopefully and finally ..

  2. Wonderful…I am happy that they started showing something solid. 🙂 finally roli is back to her memory…love it….yell out and let the others know your true being roli. Simar you’ve finally kept aside your scruples and done a marvellous job.

  3. Dont the fake roli comes again? I dont think she would have died. Sid should see her reality or he won’t believe real roli.

    1. You’re right mathu…looking forward to see her transformation to a serpent.

  4. I think that fake roli will come again …. Some thing is going to happen…. Please God save them… Very exciting to watch… Who is that witch????

  5. finally my fav roli is back and got her memory.that sound good.i really hope ki sid believe her.y should always roli want to proof identity to everyone all the time.this is not fair.even i guess ki that fake one is nt dead.wtever it may be we just want roli to back to her sid and her family.

    1. hi u also watch DABH?

  6. UB i will be glad if you say something positive

  7. ya simar i watch dabh also and u.

  8. She will come bk. Read the spoiler.

  9. ok simar good nt.c u trm yaar.abhi tho iam going to sleep yaar.

  10. I read in forum that fake roli ll b in home bfr simar amar nd vash reaches and will tell simar only hit her so sid ll file case against her. This s stupid. Hw long to bear this track? Let real rolo nd sid get join atleast for Valentine’s day.

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