Sasural Simar Ka 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 4th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Sankal is busy in thinking about Sonia. Karuna smile and says what are you thinking about Sankal ? I know. I just wanna hear from you. Do you like sonia ? Sankal says what can I say. I am happy with what you all decide. Simar and Roli come in. Roli says why be scared when you loved. Simar says a girl’s face is the mirror of her heart. No matter how hard she tries to conceal the love she can never hide it. Sonia ji likes you. Roli says she is so intelligent. And our brother has everything in him as well. Karuna says okay he is not smiling lets not talk to sonia. Sankal says what is this maa.

Scene 2
Everyone is busy in arrangements. Karuna is super excited. mata ji says we should do the shagun as soon as sonia says yes. Sujata asks is the meal ready

? Roli says yes don’t worry maa. Mata ji says get ready its the time. Uma comes in the living room smiling. Roli says is this for sonia ji or satu bhaiya. Uma smiles and says i am going to the kitchen. Simar sees Jahnvi’s phone ringing. She receives the call. The doctor says Jhanvi if you are coming by 1 pm then we can start the procedure. Simar asks is everything okay with jhanvi ? Jahnvi comes from the back takes the phone. She says its an emergency case in the hospital she must be talking about it. jhanvi asks Mata ji if she can go. She says yes.

Scene 3
Sonia comes in the house. Mata ji welcomes her. Roli says wow wearing sarri. Sankal says you are looking good in sarri. Rani says won’t you welcome me ? Its my first time in your house. Mata ji says guest have no designation. Welcome to Bharadwaj house.
Uma serves Sonia with the tea. Sonia texts sid something. Sid texts her back. Mata ji asks uma and pari to get the meal ready, Sankal says usually girls weither look god in eastern or western but you look god in both. Sonia says I was so nervous before wearing a sarri. But the I did. Rani wonders what’s going on ? Everyone gets on the lunch table. Roli says give a little rest to your eyes. Simar says stare her after the wedding as much as you want.

Scene 4
Jhanvi goes to the hospital. She the receptionist asks her to wait. She says to her child, I know this is not your fault but I have bound to do this. How will I face you with that truth. If I fight alone I will be able to forget his name completely but with you his name will be attached for ever. Forgive me if you can.
Sonia says you didn’t left a single of my favorite dishes. Now il will come without thinking whenever you invite me. Sujata says you are always welcome Mata ji says you are beautiful and hard working. Did you never think about your wedding ? Sid says I keep telling her that relationships are always important. Sonia says you need some elders for all this. I have no one. Mausi ji says what else is this family for ? I will find a guy for you. Mata ji says I know one boy. Our Sankal. Sonia if you like him and you say yes to this proposal. I will be so happy to make you part of out family. Sonia stands up and says I am sorry mata ji, I can’t accept this proposal. Everyone is dazed. This was quite unexpected from sonia. Karuna asks don’y you like sankal ? Sonia says I didn’t say that. Maybe i won’t be able to explain the reason. I should leave now, Mata ji forgive me if you can. Mata ji says what’s wrong with my children. With a wrong decision Jahnvi’s life ruined and now Sankal. Sima wonders where is Jhanvi.
Sonia is outside the house. Rani says it would have been much easier to reach bharadwaj’s if she said yes.

Scene 5
Doctor asks jhanvi is she ready ? Jhanvi says nothing can change the decision now. Jahnvi is moving towards the operation theater when she hears simar calling her name.

Precap- Simar and Jahnvi enter the house. Simar says I wanna tells you all something. Our jhanvi is pregnant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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