Sasural Simar Ka 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 4th February 2013 Written Update

Its starts with sim and mano consoling roli abt marriage with veeru. Prem sees them. He thinks roli has cheated sid. Hw cn sim support roli? No, i wnt allow simar to support roli. In veeru’s room, veeru sings happily thinking of roli. He invites his friends to home 4 z marriage over phone. He wonders that he less tym and he hv to do so many things lyk cling pandit, shopping, etc. Then,He gets cl frm billo. He rejects it. Here, khushi gets irritated. Then, chadda enters her room. She gets a plan and ask chadda to help her by making her meet veeru. He asks her jewelry as advance and says he’l collect the balance later. Khushi hesitates. Chadda asks wat billo? Is d jewelry more imp than veeru? Khushi gives him the jewelry. Next scene, sid is sleeping and naina knocks the door. She says tat she came to remind hm tat the confrence is at 9 and its already 8. Sid goes to get ready. While naina cleans his bed. She finds roli’s pic. She says ur so undeserving for sid’s love and blah blah, at last naina says she’l be wit sid . Next scene, sim asking prem to hv breakfast. He refuses. She asks wat hpnd? He says nwadays ur behaving strange. Wat were u doing with roli yesterday? Hw cn u support her instead of ur family? She z dead for me on d day she gave divorce papers to sid. He goes out. Sim follows and asking him to listen to her. In hall, roli comes infront of him. Prem shouts at her saying dont create problems in my family. Stay away 4m them and etc.etc. Roli says jiju, but prem says khabhardar roli, if u cl me jiju. And then veeru says enough . Every1 turns around. Roli is tensd if veeru says d truth. Sim and mano in tears and tensd. Veeru says stop how dare u to shout at roli? This is my house and she is my roli. She loves only me and nt sid. Every1’s eyes is filled with tears. Veeru continues Instead of praising her for allowing u to stay here for one more week, ur accusing her. Roli fully tensd and abt cry. The episode ends.

Precap: mataji in tears says tat they leave d house immediately and no one should face roli here after.

Update Credit to: sinam1kana

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