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Scene 1
Anjali says third promise is that because of anything or anyone you won’t leave me. Be it any outside or own person. Vikram leaves her hand. Vikram puts his hand over the candle flame. He says I promise you whatever the situation is, I will always trust you. I promise whenever you need me I will stand with you. I promise you there wont be a person in this world outsider or own because of whom I would leave you. Anjali takes his hand off candle. She says its burned. He says anjali I will always love you. Anjali says stupid your hand is burned. I love you too. Waiter serves the dinner. Vikram says I am so full. Anjali says dessert is left. He says I will blast. Anjali says fine no dessert.

Simar is looking at the wedding pictures. Simr says there is not a single picture

of Prem and Piyush together. I wish their differences are over. Piyush gets his spot in this house. To be the son of this house and this picture gets completed.

Anjali and Vikram sneak in the house. Saroj says where were you two it was too late. I called you your phone was off. I was so worried. Vikram says I know you get worried but I was with anjali. Saroj says but you should have seen time. You know I can’t sleep till you come back home. Anjali says in heart she does emotional drama like simar. Vikram says sorry. Saroj says its okay. Drink the almond milk or are you full? He says no I have space for it. Anjali says tai ji you get to worried. Saroj says he is still a child for me. Anjali says he has grown up now. I can worry for him. Okay good night. Vikram says Tai ji I know anjali is not the kind of daughter in law you expected. But I really love her. Give her some time. She will learn. You will love her and she will love you two. Give me my almond milk now. He goes to his room.
Saroj says Vikram your happiness is mine. If you love anjali this much then I promise you I will love anjali too. I will keep her as a daughter and teach her everything.

Scene 2
Next morning, Alarm blares. Vikram stops it. He says anjali get up. Anajli says let me sleep. He says lets go jogging. Anjali says this early? Please no. Vikram leaves for jogging. Saroj comes in room and sees anjali asleep. Saroj says vikram must be coming. should I wake her up? She says anjali wake up. Anjali says please let me sleep. She withdraw the curtains. Anjali says who is this idiot. I don’t wanna get up. Saroj says vikram is coming. Don’t you wanna have breakfast with him?
Anjali goes to washroom. saroj says I think her sleep wasn’t full. I will make her breakfast and her favorite coffee.

prem sees pasta and this is anjali’s favorite. Simar says Piyush made it. Its his favorite too. Mataji says my Piyush made it I will eat it too then. Prem places it aside. Mataji says it is so good Piyush. Simar says to Prem I will like it if you eat it. Prem eats it. Piyush smiles. Amar says pasta is good Piyush. Prem doesn’t eat second bite if he doesn’t like the first one.

Vikram comes home. He says breakfast ready. Vikram says where is anjali? is she still asleep? Saroj says she is up. Tao ji says she will learn our routines with time. Saroj says simar ji told me she isn’t used to working in house. Anjali overhears this. VIkram says tai when will you train anjali? Make her like you. Saroj says she will be.
Simar calls Anjali. Anjali picks up. Anjali says why are you annoying me in the morning? Anjali says why did you have to tell tai ji that I am so spoiled? You wanted to show I am good for nothing. Because of you she is taunting me. You like to show others down. Live like how you want. I will decide how I live my life. and better not call me again. Simar says listen. Anjali hangs up. Simar says there is some misunderstanding. Saroj ji isn’t like she would taunt her. I hope Anjali doesn’t do anything that harms everyone.

Simar is worried about anjali. The milk boils in front of her. simar says I am so worried for anjali. I feel like she can’t adjust there. Prem comes in and says simar.. He turns off the stove. Prem says your hand was burning. Simar says I was thinking something else. Prem says is everything okay? Simar says no. I called anjali in the morning. She tells Prem everything. Prem says you are worried for her nothing. She must be irritated. Its a new place for her. Simar says its her first day. She shouldn’t be irritated from them. This isn’t a good sign. We should talk to her. We know how immature she is. She says without thinking. prem says don’t overthink. Let her settle. Everything will be okay. Give her some time. Simar says I hope so.

Anjali gives vikram jacket. She says you will wear this jacket today. Vikram says I am wearing this one because tai ji gave me this one. Anjali says you promised me. He says oh okay make me wear. Anjali makes him wear the jacket. She says you look so good. He says just handsome? Vikram holds her hand. Vikram comes close to kiss her. Anjali says what about the honeymoon? Where are we going? He says what honeymoon? I don’t remember. Anjali says you forget everything I say. Vikram shows her the package. Anjali is surprised. He says select one. We will go there. Anjali hugs him.
Tao ji calls Vikram. Anjali takes him phone. He says give me phone. Vikram tickles her.Anjali gives him the phone. He says yes I am coming.
Vikram says I am leaving for office. Anjali says decide with me first.Vikram says you choose one and tell me.

Vadahi is praying in the temple. She says thank you for showing me the right path God. Mataji says when I see this girl she reminds me of young simar. She is just like you.

Precap-All the women are home for munh dikhai ritual. When saroj takes off the ghunghat, its not anjali. Saroj says where is anjali. anjali comes in a short dress. Saroj says what is this? Have some shame anjali. Anjali says enough tai ji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. anjali i like u

  2. Sabrina

    Anjali is just a spoiled brat I hope she get a good lesson… separating a mother for son or even family to being rude to her parents tisk tisk sad lol

    1. Sorry, she’s not a spoiled brat, her behavior is borderline insolence! She disrespects everyone who gives good advice but gravitates towards the bearer of bad judgement and wretched thinking. Anjali is going to separate vickram from his family members due to her selfish nature, she is already showing her bad upbringing by disrespecting family prayer time, so that’s not being a spoiled brat!

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