Sasural Simar Ka 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar comes to Rita’s room she is standing in anger all the stuff broken in her room. Simar says you called me? I didn’t want to come to the function. Rita says you just shut up. You say something and do other. Simar says I have applied for job and I will leave this house. RIta says this must be another game to trap my kids and husband. Simar says I will leave this house don’t point fingers at my character. Rita says what is your worth, she is about to slap her. Rohan comes and withholds her hand. Rohan stands in front of her and says how dare you try to hit choti maa. Rita says I will not hit her now. She grasps simar’s arm and shoves her out, Simar is about to fall, Sumit holds her. Sumit says to Rita shame on you. Rita says don’t tell how should I behave

with her. Either she will live here or me. Simar says I will leave this house. Lets go piyush. Sumit says wait Simar ji.
If someone has to leave this house it is you Rita. Rita says wow this is what I had to hear the truth. I was fool not to see what was going on between you two. Sumit says don’t you dare say that. Rita shouts shut up.

Why don’t you accept your relationship with her? Why don’t say she is you.. Sumit slaps her and says dont you feel ashamed talking like this in front of kids? Rita says you did that. Sumit says I don’t want a shred of your thinking in my kids so now I am saying I don’t wanna live with you. I want a divorce. You heard it?

Scene 2
Khushi gets a call from detective we can’t stop Prem from finding simar now. Khushi says why? He says there is simar’s picture in front page of newspaper. Khushi looks for the paper and asks pari as well. Servant says I placed it in prem’s room. Pari and Khushi run upstairs. Prem is getting ready. He is about to pick news paper. He hears Anjali shouting. Anjali says I dont wanna eat just get out. Jhanvi says but you will get weak you haven’t eaten anything. Anjali says so what? this is my life. i am not servant of you people. Khushi and Pari come in Prem’s room and look for the paper. Prem says jhavni don’t force her she will eat when she is hungry. Khushi and pari find the newspaper. Khushi sees Simar’s picture on front page and says Prem shouldn’t see this paper at all. We have to hide

Prem says what shouldn’t I see? Whats in this paper that you are hiding? He takes the paper from her and sees simar’s picture with Rohan Piyush and Sumit. Prem says siamr was in Lucknow. You didn’t want me to see this? Khushi says yes so your heart doesn’t break again. Pari says lets go Khushi why should we bother?

Prem recalls the kids and says simar’s photo with this family? What am I thinking about my Simar? we can fight but never leave each other. I have to find out the truth. I am coming simar.

Simar looks at Prem’s picture and says its been six years. that day when I saw I wanted to hug you. I couldn’t do it. I was so helpless. Simar is sobbing. Simar says i am so alone. Please come and take me home. I wish you were here. I would have hugged you and killed all the misunderstandings. Please come to me once.

Rita comes to Sumit and says you asked me to come? Rita says what papers are these? and who was that man. Sumit says he was our divorce lawyer, you have to sign these papers. Rita says you can’t do this. Sumit says I am doing this. There is not love between us nor trust. You can’t drag a marriage without them. Rita says I really love. Give me one chance I will try to change don’t do this. Sumit says don’t make it more difficult. Sumit says sign them. Simar comes in and says I have no right to say in your personal affair but this is a hasty decision. Sumit says this is a contemplated decision.Simar says did you think how you would it affect your kids? They need mom and dad both. Who knows it better than me? Sumit says there is no going back from here. She isnt a good mom or wife. This marriage was a mistake. Simar says there are ups and downs in every marriage but that doesn’t mean we should end it? Tough times come but you fight them.

Precap-Prem is looking for Simar. simar is getting ready, Sumit locks her chain, Prem sees them. Roshni says choti maa this looks so good on you. Simar says thank you. Prem is dazed. 

Update Credit to: Atiba

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