Sasural Simar Ka 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sankalp is looking for Khushi. Khushi hears him and says I have to do the best acting of my life. She says on call I will clean the house, I will do anything that dignified. Sankalp hears her. She turns back and pretends that she is shocked to see him. Khushi says you.. She says I deserve this but why you came here? this place is not right for you. I deserve all this for my sins. I have realized that this is my life now. Sankalp comes near her. She says no please stay away your clothes will get dirty and I have cough too. Sankalp is worried. She leaves.

Roshni says Piyush hasn’t eaten anything and I am here. I have to do something. She tries to get up. Her stitches hurt. She comes to kitchen and cooks for Piyush. She takes the food towards outhouse. She comes there. Piyush

is shocked to see her. simar comes and says your doctor has asked you not to meet and you came here? I asked you not to talk to him. Roshni says he has not eaten anything for two days. Simar says so what? Everyone comes. Simar says he never even gave you respect and you care about him? He doesn’t deserve your love. Roshni says I know Piyush has made mistakes but someone else was behind them. Simar says no. Piyush is not a child. He is not so stupid. He can decide what’s right and wrong for him.
He married you by his will. He made your life hell and then said I made a mistake. He is way more responsible than Vadahi. Roshni says biggest mistake was mine that I loved him since childhood. I am worried for him and I can’t help it. Her stitches bleed. Piyush says in heart I did so bad for her and she still loves me. Simar says because of him your life is in trouble. Simar says to Piyush you can’t fool her anymore. roshni screams. Her stitches bleed. Everyone holds her. Simar says to Piyush stay away from her. They all take her inside.

Scene 2
Sanjev meets his new caretaker Tanvi. She says we have to change the environment of this room. She writes on a board, I can and I will. I can walk, and I will. Sanjev smiles. She says we have to turn these lines in reality. Its your meal time. She brings him food. She makes him eat. Vikram comes in and says if you need any help regarding his medical history let me know. She says I have seen all the reports and I understand his case. He reminds me of my dad. I will take care of him in a positive environment. Vikram says he is your dad and take care of him like that. He smiles.

Piyush says I hope Roshni is fine.
Doctor checks her up. He says i have dressed her wound. This shouldn’t happen again. She shouldn’t even move. He leaves. Piyuhs stops doctor outside and asks how is roshni? Simar says please go doctor. He leaves. Simar says what do you wanna prove with this drama? You didn’t care about her at all. Now what? She had to come because you were not eating and she had to bear pain again. Stay away from her.

Scene 3
Vikram is reading his files. Anjali takes them and says does my face look something incomplete? He says you look so pretty. She says don’t you feel like there is something missing.He says everything is perfect. She says my lips are missing something. He says what do you plan to do? She says you think i am joking? Vikram says what? She says I need to get my lips operated. It will only cost 25 lacs. He says are you mad? Your lips are perfect. She says I want 25 lacs. Please. vikram says that’s useless waste of money. Anjali says fine. She leaves in anger.

Mataji says to Simar this is not fair. Why are you parting them? Simar says no one would talk about Roshni to Piyush. Mataji says don’t do this. Simar says he had always been unfair to her and he deserves this. My decision wont’ change.

Precap-Someone walks in Bharadwaj house at night. Roshni hears something. Its piyush. He says I wanted to see if you are fine. please forgive me. Simar sees him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Simar mental u separate from ur husband that’s why u separate roshni and piyush most importantly I don’t like this simar I think someone is trapped anjali tanvi is good simar is the real culprit nowadays because she hide prem letter from her family mataji said no one in this house should not think and talk about prem but she did now she decided piyush roshni life wow bla bla

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