Sasural Simar Ka 4th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli comes to her room and says I am sorry didi but I can’t tell you what I am going through. I can’t tell you that truth. that is why its better that i should i should go away from this house. Mata ji comes in and says roli. Roli gets scared. Mata ji says what is it? what truth simar asks you again and again about. Roli says i don’t know it as well. Mata ji says the truth’s shine is always there in eyes of both of you. Simar’s eyes still have that shine. but for the first time you didn’t look in my eyes. is there something that you are hiding? They hear prem shouting simar. Mata ji goes downstairs in tension.

Prem says why don’t you leave this simar. Simar says why doesn’t roli understand. Prem says she had to start her education

today and she is leaving this house. simar says i didn’t ask her to leave, why don’t you go and ask her why she wants to halt it. Suajata says wont it hurt her? simar says we can’t stay away from truth. Why roli doesn’t want to know the truth? Pari says what if these investigations go in vain? will be able to face her after that? simar says our relationship is not that weak that we will have such grudges. Sujata sees roli coming downstairs with bag. Mata ji says where are you going? roli says mata ji please if i live here i will suffocate. Please let me go. Don’t says anything to diid. sujata says will you be able to live without us? Roli says i can’t live all the moments again because of which i lost sid. Jhanvi says she is right she shouldn’t stay here. She will be hurt. Mata ji says how will she live alone? Jhanvi says i will go with her as well. She wont be able. Sujata says i have lost sid as well. when you are near i feel like sid is near. You can’t do this to me. Mata ji goes to temple and says show me some way mata ji. whom should i support? I love them both. Mata ji says to roli if you think its important to go then i wont leave you but i have a condition that you will live in our other house an jhanvi will go with you. prem says stop her mata ji she needs us. He says to simar she needs this house. simar says i didn’t ask her to leave. Prem says you have forced her.simar says i am just trying to find the truth. prem says what truth? we all have to pay for it. roli says please don’t get her wrong this is my decision. simar says why don’t you break the silence and tell us the truth. Prem says why you keep saying this again and again? simar says you think i like her going away from me? But i have to hold the path of truth. If she thinks going from this house will keep her happy then let her go.

Roli hugs and meets everyone. She hugs simar in tears. Prem says I am sorry i couldn’t do anything for you. sid wont pardon me. roli says i know i have upset didi. promise me you will take care of her. She hugs simar again. She is about to leave, simar says wait a minute. She brings a small idol from temple and gives it roli. Roli leaves the house.

Simar comes to her room in tears. She recalls treating roli like a daughter. roli steps out the house. She leaves. Simar is in tears.

Precap- Prem says in these investigations there is truth on one path and pain on the other side. Your curiosity to find truth will hurt roli. You need to feel her pain. You have to give me your wedding locket till you investigate so you get to know her pain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hey wat is tis yaar cha… ful oly one sequence…..like2011episode

  2. What is ur real name akshu

  3. Akshaya yaar urs???

  4. Hmm interesting but don’t understand it

    1. oh my go u r saying this ssk is intresting.

  5. Appadaaaa… Not seen such crap episodes even in Malayalam serials.. Yuck dis episode was. Chaaaaa. Ithinte writersinu ee pani nirthi kilakkan pokkude. Shalyam. Sahikkan patnilladooooo

  6. in the upcoming episode simar goes to that rajveers house and calls roli and says that she was out side of that house then roli says dont go there then simar cuts her call and she goes inside of that house and starts investigating.then roli goes there.then simar again asks the truth.i think she will say the truth.then rosim will investigate

  7. wht d crap dey wanna show yaar….really ssk cvs i should get a foot print xerox of all u writters…. Suddenly prem become so hiper to dis level dat he is gonna break his marriage… Atleast u guys need of minimum comman sense, you iodiots dnt knw other than separating pairs…. Firstly rosid now premar.., dnt knw abt jaanvi’s lyf.., whose ur next target?? Already ur trp’s fall down due to rosid separation … if u keep on separating lyk dis, dan all premar nd rosidians will come to ur ssk set nd throw chappals nd tamatos on u ….. Better u guys end up dis crap serial… at least evryone will nt waste der tym by reading all ur crap wu

  8. upcoming rajveer truth’s to be revelead in ssk.. he is da bw family old enemy son he came to bw fmly to take revenge.. he knows da truth abut incident. which had hapnd.. he has also told roli abut sid being alive and safe. .. will roli be able to tell da truth to family..???

  9. accdng to new artical rajveer said sid alive and safe… but accdng to segmnt sid become naag………. which one is correct??? is sid is naag or not???? is sid with rajveer?? confusion… i thnk wen simar invstgatd to cl rolishe come.. aftr dat i hope roli vl tel da truth to simar.. bcz she cant ruin premar life.. so she vl tel.. tab rosim amar milkar sid ka pata lagadenge i thnk so it hapmn in next weeks.. .. bcz rajveer truth revelead soon… so i thnk sid maya entry also comes.. and rajveer only knows abt wer is sid body….

  10. aaj only one sequence.. crying only….. just dragging… plz bring sid and rosid united soon.. want rosid back…

  11. who is rajveer?

  12. Hey frm were u got tis upcoming neews??????

  13. enthado writere ningal ethu aduppilu nokkiyanu katha ezhuthunnathu ithu ariyillengil parambu kalakku poykoodeda

  14. Ethu EGA kundu mudiumo

  15. pleaseee come back rosid romantic scences and rosid together.

  16. Frnds.. Still hw can u people dscss abt d future twists nd story line of ssk.. Wht d hell is hpng since one week.. Writersine kayyil kittya adich kollum njan. Ennit aaa BW family-Kk theeyidum

  17. Hai jai ur mallu? Sherikum ayalk parambu kilakan pokam..


    1. Yup neetu… Mallu Kaanan pattandanu ith kand thudanghith. Pada pedich panthalath ethyappo pantham koluthi pada ennu paranja poleya ippozhathe avastha. Lol

  18. Same shitty craps they are showing…..tears…tears 24/7 365 days for bharadwaj family

  19. By d way wat happen to jhanvi n.Anurag….No idea wat went wrong in thr life

    1. Anurag ran away wit his life frm BW family.. He thght eloping wil b better Or else cvs wil turn him to chimpanzee

  20. non sense serial… always crying……anyone from this serial will die…..after a leap…. dead one will be alive and will live with another person…. then a fight…. reunion with correct pair….few days happiness…. itseems this serial gonna end…..again from first…simar will cry…mataji will pray…then remaining will say “yes” to all question… again continues….writer pls try something new by ending this show….

  21. what a boring serial

  22. i think they should stop this serial right now

  23. I think v have to stop discuss abt

  24. I think tis serial is gng to end with rosid reunion……
    I think maya wont be nag tis time because tat Swamiji said na with tis trishul u can kill naag and she will change to human…..

  25. I think v have to stop discuss abt this serial..thinkin abt ssk also tym waste….i really fed up with this…draging draging dragging…i really dnt watch serials i used to watch ippknd and latr bcz of rosid i startd watchin this bt nw this z too much

  26. Nothng to dscss abt ssk nw a days.. tht much mokka after maya entered

  27. worst serial I hv seen evr wenevr I need wht d hell is happening in dis crap.. I used to read the precap only n I got to knw dat it is still boring us wid bakwas story.. pak gye yr.. ab to band kr do.. phle utaran tha torture k liye now.dis.. I evn cant bear a scene of dis serial.. n I hate dat simar.. jab dekho roti rhti h.. completely negative character.. ab to matarani b yhi soch rhi hongi kb band ho ye serial..

  28. SSK is hard to ignore regardless of how boring it is

  29. Worst serial wat abt janvi & Anurag????

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