Sasural Simar Ka 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar is in temple. Mata ji comes to her. pari is keping an eye on them. Simar says we cant reach mohini as long she wants. Mata ji says dont lose hope. Simar says i dont know what to do. I am really worried for everyone. how will we brin them back. Mata ji says we have to be patient. uma says pari.. why are you standing here? pari says i feel suffocated. Mata ji says i know what you are going through. Come to temple you will feel good. Pari enters the temple. She faints. Mata ji says what happened? She says i sprained my ankle. uma takes her to her room.Simar says she is not well. Whatever happened to he has had a bad affect on her health too.

Simar says there is a way to reach mohini. Pari stops. Uma says why did you stop? Come to your room. Simar looks at mata ji. uma

says to pari i will bring you a bam. Pari calls mohini. Mohini says yes pari? Pari says simar has found some way to reach you but i couldn’t hear what her plan is. Mohini says what are you there for then? She turns back shallu is there.
sunanda says this is such a good trick but she had not benefited us by now. they can’t imagine that pari is on our side. Mohini says but simar is very clever. but she doesn’t know she can’t play with me and I always win.
Shallu says pari? You were telling mohini our plans? I wont tolerate this? She says did you even think what i went through and if that pot had broken i would have died. She locks the door.
Pari says you were shouting at me? now listen if you tell anyone about me i will kill you. He says you will kill me? are you out of your mind. She throttles him and says will you tell anyone? he coughs and says yes pari yes. She says good. Shalu says i think mohini has made her this way. What should i do. If i tell anyone she will kill me what should i do?

Sunanda is out. She says why is there so many people reading the paper. She takes the newspaper and takes the paper with her. Sunanda comes home and tells mohini 1 crore for this kid. You can find him out with your powers. Mohini looks at the kid and smiles. Mohini says why are you smiling. mohini says this advert is to find us.

Simar says you are right these witches are so clever. They will know that this advert is to trap them. we have to make sure that they dont find it fake only then they will come to the address. Amar says will they come? Simar says yes she will. money is their weakness. Mohini will do anything to figure out if this is our trap so we have to be careful. She says lets go out. Pari is coming there but her dupatta stuck in curtain. simar says bhabhi you here? mata ji says is everything okay? Pari starts crying. She says i am really worried for sid roli and anjali. I know what it is like to live in those pots. Shalu says in heart that witch is using pari. I can’t stay quite. I have to do something. Mata ji says dont lose hope. Shalu comes to her and says i know you are worried but we cant do anything but pray. Lets go to temple and be grateful. she says i am not well i will pray later. Shalu takes her hand and takes her towards the temple. she says listen to me. He shoves her inside the temple. Pari feels a current and repels back. Everyone is dazed. pari says to sahlu i asked you not to do this. You didn’t do good. Simar says what are you talking about? Shalu says this is not pari. Its mohini’s magic that is talking. Pari says you were making plans? till i am here you can’t harm mohini. You got it? Shalu graps her hands and says sorry but i have to hurt you in order to save my family. Amar says I am bringing the ropes. They rope her with the chair. Pari says leave me.
Pari says what you think you can harm mohini? you can’t fight mohini’s powers. She is really powerful. If you want to beat her you will have to be like her. She has an answer for all your tricks. see she sent me so i keep an eye on all of you. I wont let you fight her. Simar says she is still under her control. Prem sid roli and anjali are still in her control. Whatever i do mohini is always a step ahead. Amar says simar don’t give up like this. Mata ji is with us because of you and you saved sanjana’s life too. Your attempts wont go in vain. Karuna says simar everything will be okay? Simar says how? Its roli’s birthday today.I used to spend this day with her but she is there in that pot today and i can’t do anything. Simar recalls her moments with roli

Precap-Mohini says to simar you don’t love your sister or you wont have forgotten her birthdat. I have kept her pot on top.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow.. roli’s birthday but she is in pot.. simar missing her sister a lot…. when rosid will back in ssk.. missing them… is rosid back in ssk or not???

  2. what crap it is last time roli bday they show maya.. now she is in pot… if they show roli birtday they have to show her.. but they are not showing… what crap it is?? boring,,, bring rosid back..

  3. Simar u r awesome .miss u roli,we want to c rosim in action.pls bring roli back.

  4. is cvs bring rosid back in ssk or not?? as aviman also not giving any reply in instagram,twitter,facebook.. regarding their retern in ssk…whenever ask they are not giving any reply to this news… they are not giving any reply why??? they are alo rosid fans na?? then they know how rosidians are fructuated.. their is no news of rosid,.. and aviman also..

  5. Roli bday without roli
    .hate u cvs
    V want rosid

  6. Ya yaar roli bday without roli very sad missing all rosid moments tis is too much pls v cant wait any more…..

    1. akshu this week ssk trp decresed last week it is 4 now 3.5 trp

  7. Roli doesn’t come becoz she busy with Tollywööd films.

  8. Simar,u r a lving sister

  9. Hate mohini chudail?

  10. waiting 4 rosid episodes.agar iss chakravyuuh ka case CID ko diya hei tho 1 dhin meim chakravyuuh thodkar simar or uski sasural ko dhegaa…bt i wish that this serial never end..becz they are like my own family

  11. coors channels gec increased its 1st position and star plus 2nd position.. ssk in 2nd position with swaragini and meri ashqui tumse hi… but ssk trp decreased last week trp 4 but now this week trp 3.5 last week they told with mohini track they got high trp.. but what happen now this week also they show mohini then why trp decresed… its not about mohini without rosid they didnt gain trp high.. if they didnt show rosid in this week definetly trp decreases…now they are showing pari drama…so when they are going to show rosid?? they come back or not??? trp decrease next week..

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