Sasural Simar Ka 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Simar fights with evil continues, Bhairavi gets crazy

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhairavi getting up and finds herself on Simar’s feet. Mata ji asks her to rest. Simar asks her to rest so that her disturbed heart gets some peace. Bhairavi is in her room and sees the axe with which she tried to attack Simar. She sees rod with which she hit on Simar’s head, suddenly she finds the things missing and then find out on floor and same thing on table too. She gets shocked and panics.

Simar does Mata Rani’s aarti while all the family stand with her. Bhairavi thinks this can’t happen. She then finds the door locked by itself and knocks on the door shouting for help. Everyone is doing Mata Rani’s puja and sing bhajan. Bhairavi shouts for help. Door gets opened by itself. Bhairavi comes out and asks Pari to check inside. Pari asks her to handle

herself and says if anyone sees us together then…Simar keeps aarti plate down. Mata ji asks Bhairavi if she didn’t get sleep. Roshni says she might not get sleep. Mata ji asks her to offer sindoor to Mata rani and takes her blessings. Simar smiles. Bhairavi tensedly picks sindoor plate. Simar tells her that her hand is already soaked in blood and asks how can you offer sindoor to God. Bhairavi sleeps blood instead of sindoor and throws the plate. Some of the sindoor falls on Simar. Mata ji asks Bhairavi what happened to her. Bhairavi shows her hand. Mata ji says Mata Rani’s sindoor is on your hands. Prem asks Sameer to call doctor. Mata ji asks Simar to clean Mata Rani’s sindoor.

Simar folds her hand infront of Goddess. Prem comes and says I know you will sleep here and will not leave Mata Rani even for a min. Simar says yes. He says he brought water for her. Simar asks him to sleep and wake up early in the morning. Prem says he was thinking to sleep there itself. Simar tells that she is not afraid. Prem tells that his Simar is brave and Mata Rani’s avatar. He is about to hug her, but Simar stops him with her hand and signs towards Mata Rani. He says sorry and goes. Bhairavi and Pari see them. She tells Pari that this is not Simar else would have hugged Prem. Pari says it is not like this. Bhairavi says she is a good ghost and came to kill me. Pari says you are becoming mad, sleep and let me sleep too. Simar smiles.

Later in the night, Bhairavi recalls killing Simar while in dream and thinks what is happening to her. She sees Simar going out in the night and follows her. She thinks this is the good chance to expose fake Simar infront of everyone. She calls Mata Ji, Prem, Piyush and others. They come and asks what happened. Bhairavi tells that she saw Simar going out in the night somewhere. Sameer and Piyush are going out to check. Simar comes from inside and says she went to kitchen to get ghee for the lap. Mata ji scolds Bhairavi and asks Sameer to get her tested by the doctor. Sameer says I will take you. Bhairavi says I can go by myself. She tells Pari that there is something wrong. Pari says something is wrong in her mind …Bhairavi turns and sees Simar standing and runs to her room.

Mata ji tells everyone that Prem have a surprise for them. Prem gives honeymoon package of Europe to Sanjana and Sameer and asks them to give passport. Bhairavi recalls stealing passports on hearing Prem and Simar’s talk.

Bhairavi keeps knife on Simar’s neck and asks who are you. Simar pushes her. Bhairavi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Har ek baat ki hadh hoti bandh kro iss bakwaas serial ko jiska koi sar per hi nhi hai……I think writers n director got mad plZ stop this nonsense at all .Whatever time this shit get started nobody would ever play that channel…..color channel ka bhi naam kharab kr diya…….bring something new story with fresh faces…..all time saas bahu drama……har love ki starting hate se kro…….if u dnt hv anything new in ur brain then dnt waste ur time n money to make this shit…..get some idea from turkey show….kuch sense toh hoti hai aur aise ek do saal tak story ko stretch nhi krte jo meaningless ho..

  2. Ya yu r rgt cutii bakwas he yeh

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