Sasural Simar Ka 3rd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Indra says i went exactly where sid and amar did. To that woman’s house. simar says they have gone to temple.
Indra says why don’t you call them and let me talk to them. I will ask my self where they are. Simar calls sid. Sid says to amar its simar, he says yes simar. Indra takes the phone. Sid says hello? Simar are you there? he says in heart i guess simar doesn’t have the phone. sid says hello.. simar i can’t hear you. We have done the pooja and getting mata’s chunri for you. Should we? Why are you not saying anything. Indra gives it to simar. Sid says she had the phone? simar says yes. He says we have found somethihng you will need a lot of courage to face it. Simar says okay come home. Sujata says is everything okay? Simar says yes they must be coming back.

Simar says indra are you sure that they are in temple. indra says they are bringing something for you. What did you ask them to bring? Simar is confused. Simar says parsaad simar says and chunri too. Simar says in heart these are the only two things they can possibly bring. Simar says i wont don’t anything that would risk roli or prem. Please clear all the doubts. We have nothing to do with that woman. Why would we go to inquire about her.

Indra goes to her room and says they are playing games with me. There was a temple there too. Maybe they were inside it. I don’t want them to know my secret. This is why I am helping them.

Sid and amar come home. Sid says take the parsad everyone. Sid gives a chunri to simar and says this is for you. Simar says let me give the parsad to the kids. Sid gives parsad to indra. He says sorry i forgot this is parsad it wont suit you. I will eat it. simar comes to her room and takes out the picture from chunri. She sees the photo and is taken aback. Simar says this is my picture but i never wore clothes like these and that woman, i dont know her how she got my picture. What is all this. simar comes downstairs confused. she says sid this is.. Simar sees indra and stays calm. indra wonders what happened to simar.
Sid says to indra when and how will you bring roli back. We will do pooja. this is why i brought chunri for idol. Simar will put it on the idol in temple.Mata ji says its late we should all go to our rooms and rest. Amar says we should talk about it later. Lets go to our rooms.
Mata ji comes to simar and asks what is it? Simar shows her the photo. Mata ji dazed as well. Mata ji says this is exactly like you. When did you get it? sid comes in and says here are the sweets. He comes in the temple and says we got it in that woman’s house. We don’t know what is this. Simar says we have to find out the reality behind this picture before tonight. Simar says we have figure indra’s game out. Sid says don’t worry about it. I and amar are going to find info about indra. Once we know where is she from we will know her mission and the secret behind this picture.

Amar and sid go to a man. He says we want to know the history of Dehli and the vicinity. He says we have a lot of info but we can’t let you go in that room because i need a lot of permissions for that. Amar says its okay. They come out. Sid says we don’t have another option but to find out indra’s details in those documents.

A aman calls simar and says I am a raja simar and i can help you. If you want to know how come out of your house. Simar says who are you? He hangs up? Indra comes and says what happened simar? Whom were you talking to? simar says no one. I was wondering when will roli and prem be back. Indra says all your worries will vanish today. I will do a pooja in which all of you will take part. I will return to my life after giving you your happiness. Simar says i have to go out to get somethings. Simar says in heart who was that man. indra says betrayal happened back then too and is happening now as well.

Precap-Simar drops something, a man says i will help you. While bowing down he says i called come there. Indra sees simar and says you betrayed me. You will pay for this simar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. sasural simar ka: sid and amar went to the lady’s house, whom simar met at the painter anand’s house to knows indravati’s reality in the show ssk.
    there they get shocked to see simar’s photograph, not only this,indravati also reached following them.
    though they smartly sneaked from there and hide in a temple, but indravati still doubts that they are planning something against her.
    in the upcoming episode, siddanth will show simar’s photograph to her and her eyes will remain open after seeing it.
    what is the connection between simar and the witch, indravati?
    will bw clan able to find out the truth of indravati along with saving roli and prem/?
    let us watch the next episodes to knowthe answers of these questions

    1. I think simar is that dayan indravati’s sister…and sid u r acting was awesome ? I was eagerly waiting for roli’s entry??

  2. as per on location videos witch indravati doing maha puja to bring prem and roli back.. prem is back…. waiting for roli she will also back soon… as per on location video when simar asks questioning indravati suddenly she slipps out simar as calld “choti”. “chup kar choti”, then she lefts from there to her room…. as by this i think simar is dayan’s sister in previous birth .. but dont no exact relation between them..

  3. good. sid ur acting is perfect.simar find her secret.simar and indravati are sisters. Prem come back in ssk he get shooting today.oct 12 roli wil come back.waiting for them.

  4. Nice & intrestng

  5. Wat oct 12 .need to wait tat long to see roli .hope she comes back with a bang .

  6. Awesome Sid….I love u as well as your acting…ssk is going on superb…? keep on rocking guys…..

  7. nice episode. waiting for oct 12 for roli entry

  8. Waiting for Roli to come back. Sid.. Ur acting is awsome.

  9. simar is absolutely looking like jodha

  10. i mean in the old picture

  11. eagerly waiting for the upcoming twists .

  12. i think simar would have rocked in her previous birth also

  13. and guys how many of u want roli only to be simar’s sister in her previous birth also

  14. if roli would return to shoot o 12th oct then i think we find her onscreen after 20th oct

  15. Yes ssk goes to interesting. Hates off script writer.

  16. super…..acting siddhanth

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