Sasural Simar Ka 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 3rd October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli gets Simar and Janvi in the corridor, she says you are looking so pretty, groom is waiting for you down there. Simar whispers in Janvi’s ears to forget all what happened. The guests says your daughter is so pretty. She meets both lady and her husband. She looks a little worried. The asks her about her studies? She says i have done a nursing course and i am doing the same job. The lady asks what are you hobbies? Janvi says i love cooking. The lady says thats so good. Gaurav whispers something in his mom’s ears. Sujata asks him ti be open about whatever he wanna say. The lady says that Gaurav wanna meet the girl alone if mata ji allows, you know the generation of these days they have become a little advanced. Mata ji allows and they both go to another room.


Gaurav says to janvi that i just wanted to ask that if you are happy with this proposal. I mean is there anyone else in your life, then you can surely tell me. Janvi is quiet. She remembers all the moments she spent with Shaureya she recalls him saying i love you in her ear. She is still silent.
Mausi ji on the other is busy talking about janvi’s good trait. They both come down and Sujata asks what has he thought? Gaurav says its yes from my side i will love to have a life partner like Janvi. Roli asks Janvi about her consent ? Mataji asks her to be open about what is in her mind, just tell your choice. There should be no pressure on you. Janvi has a look on everyone. Janvi says its a yes from my side as well. Everyone congratulates and hugs each other. Achna gives janvi the sweets and says wow your life has changed. Living a life like an orphan for years has gone now, and you have got your family and and in laws both. Mausi ji says why is everyone quiet ? Its like some idiot has pressed mute button in a happy song. Mata ji says Thank God, Gaurav and his family is so good. Mausi ji says our daughter will rule their house.

Scene 3
When janvi goes back to her room she thanks God that Shaureya has gone. She finds some blood drops on her floor and letter written with blood. It says that the girls i love more than myself is going to be someone else’s. What will i do in my life? I gave you a chance to save my life but you kept quiet and your silence made me hear my death sentence. I don’t wanna live and now you will be responsible for my death. Janvi get so worried. She sees the blood drops going out of the window. What have you done she screams. She gets her phone and starts calling Shaureya he is not receiving the call. Janvi wonders how can get to know where and how he is. She is running to the gate. Roli stops her and starts singing songs for her. Janvi says that i have to go for something important. Simar comes and asks roli whats happening? Roli says that janvi has gone somewhere she was looking worried. Simar tells her all what happened in her room when simar went to bring her down. Roli ask what janvi said when Shaureya was saying all this? Simar tells her that she was quiet but they don’t have to be worried because janvi has given her nod for Gaurav. She won’t have said yes if she had something ongoing with Shaureya. Simar says that she has to feed Anjali she will be back. Roli wonders if there is nothing then where has janvi gone?

Scene 4
Janvi is in the city hospital she is looking for record room. She goes in and thinks that she can find Shaureya’s address here. She asks the man there to find the accident case record of Shaureya Singahnya, she finds it and noticed down the address. She enters Shaureya’s house. His servant asks who is eh? She says i am Janvi and i wanna meet Shaureya . He says she us in his room. When she enters his room she finds him on the safe and sound. she says so it was all a drama. He yes it was but it proved one thing that you love me too otherwise you won’t be standing here in my house. janvi says no i don’t love you. He says yes you do you won’t be this mush worried for me otherwise.

Precap-Sujata asks janvi where was she ? Janvi says i went to the hospital. Sujata asks what was the need of going there?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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