Sasural Simar Ka 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram stops but Vadahi picks her gift box and steps out. They couldn’t see each other. Matjai says Vikram is here. He says happy diwali to everyone. He says thanks prem uncle for giving me permission to take Anajli with me. Prem says I trust you thats why I gave her hand to you, I can send her to the party with you. Anjali comes downstairs. SHe says hi to him. Vikram says lets go. Anjali says bye everyone happy diwali. Mataji says I hope she stays happy like this.

Sumit hugs Piyush and says thank you for coming to the party. Piyush says this is my home. Piyush says why did rohan leave on diwali. Sumit says you know him work is most important for him. Piyush says to roshni so you will be scared of firecrackers this time as well? she says I don’t like pollution

I am not scared. Rita mixes something in the drinks and sends it to Piyuush.

Anjali comes to the party with Vikram. His friend says lets start the real party. Anjali says you people will drink? Friend says so thats the real party. Anjali says I agree. Vikram says I won’t drink I have to go to family party after this. Anjali says so what.. He says just they won’t like it. Anjali says would you mind if I do? He says yes you can its your life. I don’t tie people in relationships. They should be free. Anjali drinks.
Piyush starts fainting. Roshni says what happened? He says nothing. Roshni says lets see fireworks. Are you okay? He says my head hurts. I should goto washroom.

Mataji says Simar the food is so good. Simar says in heart Anjali is out with Vikram the first time I hope she is okay.
Rita asks Roshni where is Piyush? SHe says he went to washroom.Rita says go check if he is okay. Roshni says but.. Rita says give me this glass and check him.
Vikram calls simar and tells her he would drop Anjali.
Simar says thank God he is dropping her. Where is Piyush? He isn’t even picking up. She calls Sumit. Sumit says he is in the party. He would stay here if it gets late. This is his house as well. Simar says why am I so worried? Take care of my kids God.
Roshni comes to room and Her head hurts as well.
Roshni comes and sees Piyush fainted on the bed. She faints on him as well. Rita comes and says this is the right thing. Good night kids.
Vikram drops Anjali home. He helps her with seat belt. Anjali caresses his arm.
Vikram says there is time for this. Anjali says you are so cute Vikram. Anjali comes home she is drunk. everyone is dazed. Anjali says hey family. Happy Diwali. Anjali hugs Prem and says thank you dad. Prem says control yourself. Anjali says you are the best dad in the world. Because you hitched me with vikram. Prem says you drank? She says I drank so less. I asked him. Vikram says don’t say anything to her. If I have right to enjoy so does she. Simar says I respect your views but this isn’t right either. I am sorry on her behalf. Vikram says I know you are right. but it happens. Please don’t embarrass me. he gets a call and says its from home. I have to leave. Anjali says bye vikram. Simar comes to anjali. Anjalu says don’t touch me. KB i love you so much. KB says I love you lets go to room. She takes Anjali to her room.
Simar says Prem thank you for finding such an understanding guy for Anjali. But what happened shouldn’t have. Thank God, they were alone. What if she drinks in front of the family. Prem says they are educated and open minded. It won’t happen again you don’t need to worry about it.

Scene 2
Rita says didn’t you feel ashamed doing this? Roshni says there is no such thing. Sumit says what else would we think seeing all this? Rita throws water on Piyush’s face. He gets up. Sumit says uncle how I came here? RIta says shut up we trusted you and this is how you returned us? Piyush says what are you saying? Uncle please.. Sumit says enough. I trusted you both but what you have done today, I can never forget it and forgive you for this. Piyush says what are you saying. Sumit says we will talk when you are in your senses. Just get out. Piyush says please listen to me. RIta says are you going or should we kick you out? Piyush and roshni are crying.

Rita calls Simar and says your son showed his real face. I and sumit will never forgive him. Simar says what happened? Rita says ask your son. Simr says why was she saying that? What has Piyush done?

Precap-Roshni says nothing happened between us ma. Simar comes and says she is right. I have trust in my up bringing. Rita says he is made of cheap blood, simar shout Mrs. Kapoor and is about to slap her. Sumit holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please make story interesting as like when roli was with simar.give simar a pair like roli

    1. Yes u r right. I also feels like you and Simar needs a pair like my doll roli di.
      Amar will also can do the roll i think. I had a doubt why simar not ask about her another daughter Sanju yet and she broke the promise which is gave to her sisiter roli, because she didn’t care about Sid also even prem also not talk about them.
      They all are forget them totally specially roli.
      In the old age the baradwaj’s are looking so ugly, pls make them good looking. they have lot of true fans like me. So don’t mood off us.

      1. Ro Mi Ka ...

        U R Right deepi sri they should be a pair with Simar and please make the story interesting please.. because i’am so the true fan of SSK..

  2. What happened to the supernatural aspect of this show? That’s the reason I started watching it in the first place now it bores me

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