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Sasural Simar Ka 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli wonders who is khushi talking to? She says is khushi involved in prem’s missing. sid says call me if there is anything you require. Virkant says yes we have to find him. inspector asks him to come with him. Roli says to siamr there is something khushi is concealing. simar says we have to find it out but we should be careful. Surbhi breaks into tears. She says this is happening because of me. since prem made me his wife his happiness has been stolen. Uma says why are you saying this surbhi. Pari says nothing will happen to him. He will be fine. You shouldn’t be stressed out in a condition like this. mausi ji asks pari to take her to her room. Khushi says don’t worry for prem maa. He will be fine. I wanna go to temple to pray for him. Karuna says you can go

for him. Simar and roli wonder why is she going to temple. simar says khushi is disconnecting the call again and again. Roli says we have to figure this out. Roli says we should follow her. simar says mata ji me and roli should go and check him at his friends’ place. Mata ji says yeha go and take care of yourself.

Roli and simar go and look for khushi everywhere. They see that khushi has covered her face with her saari. They start following her. Khushi feels like someone is following her. She looks back but simar and rolu hide. SHe goes insdie a house. Roli says whose house could that be? A man opens the door. Khushi goes in and locks the house. Simar says who is this man? roli says only khushi can answer this. simar goes and knocks the door. khushi opens the door and is shocked to see them.

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Cops guide vikrant and sid. They says prem must have taken any of these two routes.

Khushi asks what are you doing here? simar says you went to temple for pooja? what are you doing here? roli says who lives here? And whom have you concealed here? siamr says since prem is lost you are getting those calls. simar says if anything happens to prem I wont leave you. khushi says stop it. I know I have done so many sins in past. I am not like that now. I am also sorry for prem. I asked chacha ji to look for him. She says people call him chacha and I know him since I used to work in the bar. He has tavern. He got to know about the accident and called me so I came here. I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to be sure if he was talking about prem. A shopkeeper told him that something happened at the same time when prem was out. Simar says please take us there. He says no I can’t take you there. that area is bizzare.simar says please take us there we don’t have time. simar says I am looking for my husband please help me.

Cops are also looking for prem everywhere. Sid is worried. vikrant comes to him and asks are you okay? He says we searched everywhere on the highway. Sid says I hope nothing bad happened to him. virkant says we will find him don’t worry. Roli calls him and tells him that a shopkeeper saw him. I am sending you the address come there. Simar calls mata ji and tells her. she asys go there and find him. You have to be careful. We are coming there. Mata ji tells sujata that a man has seen prem. pari says in heart who is that man? has anyone seen it? mausi ji says we will find him. Simar, roli, khushi and chacha reach the society. They follow chacha. chacha says there guys are not right lets go with out answering them. The thugs are following them and scoffing at them. One of them says we hav to do something. Inspector says we have to go there as soon as possible. Roli calls sid. vikrant receives his phone. One of the thugs snatches his phone. Virkant says she disconnect the call. sid says I shope everything is fine with them. The man says your phone is as beautiful as you. Chacha says give me the phone. He shoves chacha and says leave. He says we will handle them. He takes out the knife. khushi says keep the phone but please don’t harm. He says I want this jewelry. Khushi is not willing to give her jewelry. He asks khushi for the mangal sutra. Simar says why you want it? The man says give it to me. roli says I wonlt give it. Khushi says I have to show them what I am. One of them shoves simar. Vikrant holds her.

precap-sid says I don’t know where to find my brother. They hear the temple bell ringing. when they go there the temple is totally empty.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ab ye kya chakkar h.! Bhai ek to 2 ladki ki lyf ka mother sister kr diya prem ne. Ab kahi chup k baitha h.y don’t u face your problems!

  2. whts going yar

  3. What are they doing with the storyline?

  4. may be prem himself doing this drama to change simar’s decision

  5. Ookk! Whats happening?

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