Sasural Simar Ka 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Veeru asks pandit to resume mantras. Only that way Simar will get shut. Simar continues telling Roli to remember it’s same Veeru because of whom Roli got ready to give divorce to Siddhant. And love is too far.. Roli hates Veeru. Meanwhile, Bhardwaj family is still waiting for mechanic to fix car. Sid leaves in other car as it will take time for car to get fixed. Simar tells Roli, try to remember this guy tried to marry you like this before as well and said he will return property if you marry him. Veeru asks Roli not to listen Simar and finish their pheres.

Roli is getting their previous marriage pictures in her mind, but it’s unclear. Simar tells Roli, you can’t do this marriage.. you told me your luckiest woman because Sid is your husband. She then tells her this guy kidnapped

you before we reach mandir for your remarriage with Sid.. he took away your biggest happiness. They still don’t stop pheres.. and Simar untie the knot and throws it in fire. She asks Roli to remember it’s same guy who destroyed their lives. Veeru loses her temper and takes out pistol and points it at Simar. Kamini and pandit run away. Veeru tells Simar, because of you we couldn’t marry before as well.. but today no one will be able to stop this wedding. Now picture gets clear in Roli’s mind.. she remembers Veeru shooting before and Simar coming in way to save Roli. Roli tells Veeru you won’t hurt my Simar didi again. I remember everything now.. I am not Vidya.. I am Roli Bhardwaj.. wife of my Siddhantji and.. younger sister of my Simar didi. Simar and Roli hug.

Veeru is not happy at all. Simar says I knew it.. I had full faith that my Roli can’t stay away from me for too long. Simar and Roli then thank God. Simar says, God won’t let anything happen to you.. their blessings are with us. She then apologizes Roli saying you had to suffer so much because of me. Roli says, it’s not your fault.. it’s my bad luck.. in fact you came and saved me on last moment. Veeru shouts.. enough drama of you two. Roli tells him, now nothing is going to work on me.. you tried a lot, but still you got nothing but loss. Because I am not for you.. I belong to Sid.. me and him are made for each other and are meant to stay together forever. I only love my Siddhantji. Veeru says to her, you can’t do this to me.. you can’t leave me because of him. What did he do for you? If he really loved you, then he would never sign divorce papers. The truth is.. I truly love you. I gave you all property because I trust you.. I love you. Because of this love, I took care of you in hospital 24 hours.. if I wanted, I could have forced you. But I didn’t.. because I want to win my love with love. Ask yourself and tell me whether anyone can do what I did for you.. no one can.. even that Siddhant can’t. But you still love him… not me. Roli says, what love are you talking about it? You always hurt me first and then showed care.. that’s not love.. that’s selfishness. You can’t love anyone.. because true lovers don’t hurt each other.. you only have hurt me. You even tried to kill me in that car accident. Veeru says, I didn’t want to kill you.. I just wanted you to be with me.. but these Bhardwaj people didn’t leave any other option for me. I said I can’t live with you.. so at least can die with you. I will keep you very happy.. please don’t refuse my love. Roli says, really? then why are you standing here with gun? What you’re saying love is your junoon.. craziness. You can’t be anyone’s. Whatever you did till now.. you did for yourself.. not for me. People like you can take away others happiness.. but can never make anyone happy. And you’re comparing yourself with my Siddhant? You’re nowhere close to him.. even if you reborn 20 times, then you can’t become like him. I love him a lot.. and If I have any relationship with you, then it is of HATE. And remember. I never loved.. and will never love you.

Precap: Seems like Roli got shot by a bullet and Simar is taking her to the hospital in a truck. Bhardwaj’s family car is right behind that truck. They are trying to call Simar, but she is not picking up. Simar tells Roli.. nothing will happen to you… and Roli closes her eyes. Simar screams.. ROLI. Mausiji tells driver to overtake that truck.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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