Sasural Simar Ka 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanju is crying. Prem says please mata ji open the door. Mata ji syringes out her blood. Prem breaks the door, they all come in. Sanju runs to simar. Simar says are you okay? She takes her away from mata ji. Mata ji says okay, everyone go to your rooms and sleep. Mata ji closes the door for malti.
Simar dresses sanju’s wound. Simar says it will be okay and no more playing or I will be really mad. Do you think what would I feel when something happens to me. She says nothing will happen until you are here for me. Simar recalls what happened. Prem comes in. He says our kids are so brave. Don’t worry.

Roli hears some music, she sees that sid is washroom taking shower. She says he is listening to this rajhistani music and taking shower at this hour. This is not

normal. She asks sid you were showering at this hour? He says showering at this hour is fun. She recalls when he said that he used luke warm water in summers as well. Roli says that song? He says I heard it in the car. When you shower with cold water you sing. I am going to walk. Roli says in heart this is wrong.

Little bride comes to Malti and gives her blood. Malti laughs. She says I won’t harm those kids if you don’t help simar. Got it? She nods.
Malti and white lady drip blood in the grave. Malit says madhvi out destination is close. and you remember what to do tomorrow? They laugh.

Simar says to sanju play with this phone but don’t break it. She sees that mata ji’s room is locked she says i should go and meet guru maa. simar says I am leaving. mata ji stops her. She says one foot is always out for you. who is there waiting for you? Simar says mata ji I wanted some grocery. Mata ji says okay go but walk. Don’t waste fare. Be back in an hour. Got it? simar says yes.

Roli sees sid doing his work. She says you are writing form left hand? Since when? He says I can write from both hands. She says that clean?
Simar meets guru maa. She tells her everything about sanju and the feather. Malti says before you could see that soul she distracted you. simar says you mean there is something in devika’s room? guru maa says yes go there again. Follow mata ji at night. Simar says I will try again today.

The white lady is in car with sid. She makes him eat. Roli sees his car in market and says sid’s car. He should be in office at this moment? The white lady comes out of her car. Roli sees her and is dazed. She says who is this lady with sid? Sid leaves. Roli goes after the lady. She disappears. roli says where has she gone?
Roli finds her and stops her. She says what were you doing in my husband’s car. You were in his car. White lady says what car? what husband. roli says i saw a woman in white coming out of his car and that was you. She says is this white? Her clothes are blue suddenly. Roli is dazed. She says get your eyes checked. And better keep your husband in control. roli says i am sorry.

Precap-Mata ji writes 666 on mirror with red lipstick. Simar does pooja with anandi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Till patali it was nice now I don’t know what is happening

  2. 666 on the mirror…. WOW… Is this programme turning into the Omen, will Damian appear soon?

    It’s all rather silly now but I’m still fascinated to see where the writers will go with this plot-line!

  3. Wat the he’ll is happening in this serial itbwas so good before and I loved it but I’m getting irritated to even watch the serial
    First plz change sid’s hairstyle he is looking like idiotic and dirty in that hair style and there is no role of anyone in the serial waste of roli, Sid, …everyone serial is getting bored and nonsense even the writer gone mad and just think how the serial changed a lot from the beginning till now this was that worst serial ever I think so I used to lo w this serial a lot but now Iam irritated to watch their faces and sis U R looking very bad Plz change ur hairstyle plzzzzzzzzzzzzthere is no role of roli she just became adumb character as like others ……serial becoming nonsense…. plz Sid change ur hairstyle.. plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. agree dear..i used to luv this series becz of rosid..nw hating ssk..n sid too..his hairstyle is yuckkk..n hapie avi is leaving ssk

  4. In all evil tracks the evils r done their work after tat only simar and family got to knw abt them…like mohini,patali and also tis chantu…its very bad..i hate tat white dress lady she separate rosid…

  5. now where is rosid left to b ruined
    …its the end of rosid…gud that avi wont stay…otherwise like every other t rosidians wud have a hard tym…according to me he is not the sid I loved…sid for me is roli’s sid…love u rosid …whatever crap these brainless, idiot, buddhu cvs do we dont care…u r always alive in our hearts…we love u again, always, forever

  6. Plz Sid U also leave this show we can’t see U like this….. his role is dirty and meaningless
    Serial is nonsense we can’t see U in this show now it’s becoming bad this show. This show is not at all interesting
    Sis Plz leave this show

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