Sasural Simar Ka 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Umi comes in lounge, Pari says Roshini mopped this floor and you destroyed. Pari walks on floor and makes it dirty, Umi says Roshini Pari have messed up floor so clean it again, Roshini nods and starts mopping. Roshini gets Piyush’s call and thinks if I take his call and get to know I am here then.. she cuts call, Piyush calls again, Roshini says I should take it. roshini takes call. Simar comes there so roshini ends call. Simar sees Roshini with mop and says why you are doing all this? Roshini says this is my house’s work so its okay, Simar is sad and leaves. Ananya comes in lounge and sees Roshini mopping,she says I asked you to make coffee? Roshini says little work is remaining here then I will make it, Ananya says make it fast. Pari sees Mataji in mandir and gets an

idea, she shows it to Ananya. Ananya smirks and pours soapy water in the way of Mataji on floor. Mataji starts walking and is about to step on wet floor but Aarav comes there and is about to walk on wet floor, Ananya thinks oh no, Aarav is going to get hurt. Ananya runs to Aarav to stop him from coming there and she slips because of wet floor, Aarav screams Ananya and rushes to her, all goes to Ananya. Mataji asks if she is fine? Ananya cries in pain, Umi says Roshini was mopping here so she must have poured water here, Mataji says stop this and takes Ananya to room first, Aarav lifts Ananya and takes her to room. Roshini is in tears and thinks how water came here?

Ananya cries, Aarav lies her on bed, Simar gives balm to Aarav, he applies it on Ananya’s foot. Mataji says thank God she is fine, she and Simar leaves. Ananya asks Aarav to leave, Pari says you go aarav, I will take care of her, Aarav says okay, he hugs Ananya and leaves. Ananya says my trick backfired, Pari says dont worry we will get many chances.

Roshini serves coffee to family, Pari, Umi and Ananya doesnt take it. Simar, Mataji and Aarav takes it. Umi says you have served then why you are standing here? want to listen our private talks? go in kitchen and cook for evening too then go home, Roshini nods and leaves. Mataji says to family that I have called you all to tell something, we both think that Samir and Sanjana look good as pair so we have thought that we convert their friendship in marriage. Roshini hears it too and gets happy. Ananya and Aarav are happy too, Simar says they have to decide now. Sanjana comes there and says we are ready for this relation, all get happy, Anjali comes there too. Sanjana says Samir and I talked with each other and we have decided that we are perfect for each other. Aarav says so everything is good and we should start preparing for wedding, Simar hugs her. aarav says many good news came today, one more news is related to Samir, he has given good idea to expand our business, he tells them business plan, Mr. Bharadwaj says its nice news. Mataji says Samir is like angel for us, he has increased our happiness, Sanjana now I am sure Samir is best for you, Aarav says yes you are right. Mataji says atleast one daughter of this house will have good future, we dont know whats in fate of other daughter, Anjali is stunned to hear it. She gets jealous.

Scene 2
Anjali says I wont let Sanjana be happy till I am unsettled, she throws Sanjana’s picture away and says what if show Sanjana as cheap character infront of Samir? what should I do? She writes love letter making it seem like Sanjana’s boyfriend have written it for Sanjana. She waits for Samir, she sees Samir passingby there, she says this is right chance. she starts crying holding her feet, he asks what happened? she says I was trying to take box from cupboard, Samir says I will get it for you, he takes out box and find letter there too, he reads it and says Sanjana hided such big thing from me but why? Anjali smirks and thinks Sanjana’s love life ended before starting, now her past will destroy her future. Samir laughs and says she is crazy, why did she hide it from me?past is in every person’s life, I have past too but I like her as it is and I wont her past come between us, he puts letter back and leaves. Anjali says my trick failed, he tries to be oversmart but I never lose hope and I will plan big now.

Mataji says to family that priest have decided Samir and Sanjana’s wedding on 10th date and on 15th Aarav and Samir business partnership will start too,all are happy to hear it, Anjali thinks happiness my foot. Mataji asks Samir and Sanjana if they have problem with date? Aarav says they would want to get married tomorrow only, all laugh, all congratulate them, Roshini thinks to wish them but thinks I cant, I am just.. Piyush would be so happy to see that her sister is getting married, she wipes her tears. Anjali thinks they can get happy now only but I wont let this marriage happen. Mataji asks Simar to give Shagun to Samir. Simar goes.

Simar comes to her room, she opens drawer and finds Piyush’s pictures, she says wish you were here Piyush, I miss you a lot. Roshini comes there and says Maa? are you crying? you know I dont like to see tears in your eyes, Simar hugs her and says when kids are not with mother then mother have tears only, I am worried for you both, are you in trouble? Roshini says this is not trouble but test and I am sure with your morals, we will pass it, Piyush is in your heart, have patience and everything will be fine, Simar says I am not worried as my Piyush have my Roshini with him, Roshini says dont cry now, they wipe each others tears.

PRECAP- Ananya says to Pari that there is 50% off on store, lets go for shopping, Pari says yes. There are guests present there, Ananya smirks at her friend. Roshini serves juice to her friend, friend says its not cold, put more ice in it, Roshini puts it and says here you go,friend says say it with respect. Other friend says Ananya your servant is wearing very nice clothes, how does she get this much money? be careful cheap people like her are very skilled in stealing and robberies, Roshini is hurt hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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