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Sasural Simar Ka 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi says as long as I remember neither sid’s birthday is near neither you anniversary is near ? Roli says I know that. Khushi says why are you planning the surprise then ? Roli says I am not planning any surprise. Khushi says you lied to sid that you were in kitchen. Roli says I.. uma comes in and says has anyone seen Anjali ? she is no where. Khushi says what would have gone worng if you came after two minutes. uma says what you mean ? She says nothing.

At the dinner table mausi ji says this dish is not made for you mata ji but has been served to you. Sid says yeah it should be served to prem first. Mausi ji says taste it and tell us prem is it hit or flop ? Mata ji says don’t annoy them too much. Sid asks roli where are you going ? Roli says Anjali is no where.

sid says she must be playing hide and seek. Sid and prem stand up to look for her.
Roli goes in the street and says I have made your chocolate milk shake come out.
roli says where can she be. SHe gets a call. Karthik says you changed the diary. You took my warning easy. You thought that you will change the diary. I have shown you what I can do. A little girl is missing from your house. Roli says tell me where is Anjali. I have not deceived you I have not changed the diary. Karthik says you went there to get that blank diary. Roli says that diary is written with invisible ink. Throw some water and words will appear don’t do anything to Anjali. Everyone is looking for Anjali and is so worried. Rajhinder says I looked everywhere in the house. Prem says I have lost siamr I can’t lose Anjali now. Sujaat says please do something. They go out to look for her in neighborhood. Roli wonders what will she say to the family. Whom can she ask for help. She calls aditi and tells her that they have kidnapped Anjali.

Rajhinder sattu and sahlu come out. Roli disconnects the call. Siamr calls her she asks what were you saying ? Roli is crying. simar asks what happened. Roli tells her that they have abducted anajli for the diary. Simar drops the phone.
She stands up in front of her God she says I am away for my family and my sister. I left my daughter so they can live safely and you risked my daughter’s life in reward to my sacrifice. If anything happens to my daughter I will hold you responsible for it. you have to keep her safe, Ajali’s life is in your hands. You have to protect her.

There roli says didi is facing that all beacsue of me and now this happened to Anjali. nothing should happen to Anjali. Bring our Anjali back to us.

Karthik calls dinesh and says I have got the parcel, in which the diary is. he opens It and smiles at the diary. He takes the jug of water. he sits down and opens the diary. he says nothing is in diary then that little girl.. this lie will cost her so much. He opens and throws some water on it. he says wow sunnaina bahbhi invisible ink. you like to keep the secrets from world. He starts reading the diary. he smiles at the end. He says that’s it she couldn’t write anything. no one would know the reality of nath jeevan hospital now.

Scene 3
There prem says my Anjali mus be so worried. she won’t see anyone around. she is scared of the dark. sujata says they have gone to look for him. They will find him. Khushi says this has not happened before Anjali never goes out of the hosue.
Roli says everyone is so worried and I can’t even tell them the truth. he is not calling me and not even I can call him back. There is only one way that he sees the diary as soon as possible. Khushi sees roli too concerned about her phone. khsuhi says why is she so busy with her phone. Whats going on.

Roli says how can I stop jeju. Show me some way.

Mata ji prays that Anjali should be fine. There simar says you have keep my daughter safe You have to listen to me today. Roli says I have to tell everyone the truth. I have to break simar’s promise for Anjali.
There simar has placed her hand on flame

no precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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