Sasural Simar Ka 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 3rd July 2013 Written Update

Bharadwajs are celebrating their victory by dancing in full force. Jhumki then goes somewhere. Mataji doesn’t see Roli and wonders where she went.

Outside, Khushi and Veeru blame each other for their defeat. Veeru says, if you kept proof safely, then I would have thrown everyone out. Jhumki comes and says, don’t dare to think about that. It’s better for you two to stay away from my family. Khushi says, your family? Here no one is yours. You’re getting paid to live here.. soon you will be out of here as well. Jhumki says, I don’t know whether I will stay in this house or no, but their love has changed this Jhumki. You’ve been living with them since years, but still their love didn’t affect you. She laughs and good bye them pointing at exit. Veeru and Khushi leave.

Jhumki is very happy. Jhumki gets emotional and prays to God to keep this family happy always. Simar comes and is surprised seeing Jhumki praying for them. She holds her hand and says, you did such a huge favor on us.. I don’t know how to thank you. Jhumki says, I just did and say what I felt is right.

Simar says, I always thought no one can take Roli’s place, but to very extent.. you took her place. Both hug.

Inside, everyone is still dancing. Simar comes back. Prem drags her and makes her dance. Sid and Jhumki also dance together. While everyone is very happy. Sid gets emotional and goes to his room. Prem and Simar follow him. Jhumki wonders where they are going and she follows them. Mataji now wonders where they all went and she goes upstairs to check.

In Sid’s room, he tells Prem and Simar, I was feeling uncomfortable downstairs. Everyone is celebrating, but whom they think is their Roli.. is not Roli, but some Jhumki. Sid sees Jhumki hearing it. Jhumki tells Sid, you can tell truth to everyone. Sid says, that’s our biggest problem. How will we tell them that you’re not our Roli? Mataji is on her way to uptairs. Sid continues, that our Roli will never come back. and we only have her memories. Mataji hears it and is shocked and hurt. She leaves from there. Sid continues, we can’t accept that truth, how our family will?

Mataji recalls Sid’s words and recalls her memories with Roli/Jhumki. She’s in the middle and everyone is dancing around her. Mataji falls down unconscious. Simar comes down and screams seeing her falling down. Everyone rushes to her and tries to make her open her eyes, but no luck. Sid calls doctor and they take Mataji to her room.

After doing the checkup, doctor tells everyone to be patient and informs that Mataji got mild heart attack. Everyone is shocked. Doctor says, it’s not too critical right now, but if anything shocks her again, then she can get heart attack again. Sujata says, nothing shocking happened. We were having party and Mataji was very happy. Doctor says, that you know, but I would advice to keep her happy as much as possible and don’t give any stress. In this age, if she gets heart attack again, then her life can be on risk. Doctor leaves.

Bharadwajs wonder what could possibly make Mataji tensed. Uma says, I saw Mataji following Roli. Sujata asks Roli, if she talked to her. Jhumki says, no.

Prem’s father says, no matter what the matter was.. from today, we have to take care of Mataji. He asks Sujata to stay with Mataji tonight, but Simar says, she must be tired, I will stay with Mataji. Jhumki also wants to stay with Simar, but Sujata asks Roli to rest. Everyone leaves.

Simar prays to God for Mataji. Jhumki comes back. Simar says, I feel Mataji is in this condition because of us. Umabhabhi was saying she followed you.. it’s possible that Mataji followed you and listened our conversation. I am afraid that Mataji found out your truth.

Precap: Mataji opens her eyes and asks for Roli. Jhumki says, I am right here. Mataji remembers Sid’s words and says, you’re not my Roli. Smile disappear from Jhumki and Simar’s faces.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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