Sasural Simar Ka 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roshni and Anjali come to Piyush and say let’s go. Piyush says just a minute. They come to a cafe. Vikram is there asd well. Roshni says anjali di let’s sit there. Anjali sits there. Piyush sees Vikram with his clients. He says in heart I should call him, he and di would talk. Roshni says what are you thinking Piyush? Piyush says you order I am coming in a while.

Simar is massaging Mataji’s feet. Mataji says your feet are magical. Simr says you will be strong like before. Simar says everything is upside down in the house. We have to fix it all. Mataji says God is with you. Soon Anjali will realize how her mother is. Everything will be fine. We will have happiness in this house like we used to.

Piyush comes to Vikram. Vikram says to his clients, thank

you so much we can meet later. They leave. Piyush says how are you? Vikram says I am good. Vikram says you here? Piyush says we came out to have a coffee. Come sit with us. Anjali is with us as well. Vikram says I have an important work. Piyush says how you focus on work after all this. Vikram says it hurts but work can’t be ignored. It is important as well. We don’t stop living because of personal problems. See you. He sees Anjali. He leaves. Piyush says he was right I have to focus on my work as well. He comes back on table. Piyush says roshni eat something then we will rehearsal. Roshni says you will have hot chocolate. Piyush says in heart I shoudn’t tell didi about vikram.

Scene 2
Next morning,
Simar is doing arti in the house. She comes to Anjali’s room and sees sleeping pills. she isn’t opening eyes. Simar calls everyone. Prem says anju open your eyes. Everyone is worried. Amar calls hospital. Anjali opens her and says what happened? Is that how you wake up someone? why is everyone here? Simar says we were scared. Are you okay? Prem says We all know you are in pain and so are we. You ate sleeping pills? Anjali says dad i just ate one pill I was just stressed. You people over react so much. Simar says but why even one. You shouldn’t have this without prescription. Anjali says enough don’t give me your lecture. Where am I stuck. Let me sleep. Go from here. They all leave.

Sanjev is not well. Saroj gives tao ji her jewelry and says sell these because his health is more important. Vikram says I don’t know what to say because of my stress we are here. Saroj says they are for rainy days. Simar and Prem come in. Simar says to Vikrma what happened? VIkram says i have an eye infection. They have changed their house. Tao ji says how you came here? Prem says we went there and people told you have moved here. You should have told us. Simar says I know you are mad at my daughter but families should share things with each other. Vikram says this was all so quick. Tao ji says there was incom tax raid and Sanjev’s condition is not well. Vikram says I tried selling the property to get out of this situation. He was there in cafe to sell plot. But clients didn’t want to buy. Simar says these relations are joined with each other forever. We should all go to hospital. They all go there.

Mataji tells anjali everything. Anjali says so much happened and he didn’t tell me. MAtaji says sanjev is in hospital. You should come to see him. Vikram really needs you right now. Mataji says what are you thinking? Anjali says yes I should be with him. Let’s go.
Saroj thanks Simar and Prem. Mataji comes there with Anjali. Anjali comes to Vikram. Matji says how is sanjev? Anjali says what happened to your eyes? He says you don’t have to worry. Anjali says I am your wife. Don’t distance yourself from me like this. Doctor comes out. Vikram goes to him. Doctor says he is out of danger. Vikram says thank God. Doctor says his senses that were working won’t work now. Vikram says what? Everyone gets upset. Vikram sits there crying. Everyone tries to console him. Doctor says you can’t meet him. Vikram says he is my dad please let me meet him. prem says it is for his health. Try to control yourself.

Vikram meets Sanjev. Vikram says dad please say something. Saroj says control yourself. We will have to be strong for him. doctor says let him rest please. Saroj says can we take him home. Doctor says yes but you will have to give him complete care there.
Vikram says please God don’t do this with my dad. don’t make him pay for my sins. saroj comes there. Vikram says i am sorry tai ji. I don’t know what will happen. Simar says we will stand with you.

Precap-They bring Vikram and his family to Bharadwaj house. Simar says anjali will live here as daughter in law. She will do what you say and I will keep an eye on her. And bharadwaj house is yours as well now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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