Sasural Simar Ka 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush says I don’t like halwa anymore. Roshni says I am coming in a while. She goes upstairs. Simar says Piyush I understand what you are feeling right now. But you need to realize some things too. You did this yourself. you filled her hairline and separated Vadahi from you. No one forced you. Prem says what are you saying.. Simar says let me complete. simar says you married Roshni and proved everyone wrong. You are doing wrong now. You are insulting marriage. Whatever happened she is your wife and hurting her is a sin. How long will it go? You live in separate rooms don’t talk to each other. Mataji says what? Simar says thats right. Piyush says you shouldn’t expect that from me ma. simar says why? Piyush says you need love to make a relation work. A love like

your and papa. Like Anjali and Virkam. i felt that love for Vadahi. Whatever I do I won’t give her place to Roshni. Simar says but.. Piyush says I am sorry. I married her but it was a deal. Simar says I know what roshni did was wrong but are you any different now? Will this bring vadahi back? She won’t. Piyush says she left this house but not my heart. You can erase her name as daughter in law but not from my heart. Anjali says are you mad? She is right. Its for your better. She is telling you what will fix your life. I know we don’t have siblings bond. But I am your sister anyway. I just want to tell you listen to your mom. She isn’t wrong. That’s my own experience. You know i always thought she is wrong but she proved she was right and I was wrong and because of her I am happy. She isn’t wrong because she thinks from her heart not mind like both of us.
Simar hugs Anjali is tears. She is crying. Anjali says in heart what happened to her? Simar says thank you. You don’t know how happy you made me. My anjali.. My doll. You are supporting me. Piyush says I am glad to see you saw ma’s love. we all really love you. Prem hugs anjali. They four hug together.

Scene 2
Saroj sees the apples. She says i won’t let anjali fool vikram again. Simar and Prem come there. Prem says you called us? Saroj says I wanted to talk about anjali. Prem says I knew what she said would make you happy as well. saroj says you think I am happy? Simar says why shouldn’t you be? Saroj says you are blindly in love with your daughter. But I know she can never win my trust. Prem says I know she made mistake but she is changing. Why are you so mad at her? Saroj says because I know her drama. She is trying to fool Vikrma. She will show her true colors. I won’t be fooled this time. simar says you already are fooling yourself. Anjali is trying with her heart and she won the three conditions. I don’t understand why are you so pissed at her winning? if she changes that would make your life good too? Her win or lose is related to your son. Vikram will alone and broken. You don’t want to see them together and happy? Saroj says nothing is more important than Vikram. but I can never trust your daughter. If she has changed she should prove herself easily with fourth one. Simar says she is still learning but I know she will win this. saroj says for happiness of family.. can she sacrifice her happiness? You have to prove that. If she loses, then you know what will happen.

Prem says to Simar don’t worry. Anjali will pass this round too. They hear Vikram saying uncle I want this amount for my dad’s treatment. please try to understand. its okay I know you have problem too. Anjali says he didn’t agree? Saroj says what did gupta say about loan? Vikram says he said no. Prem says I can help you. Vikram says dad I can’t take money from you. Thats’ not right. Simar says you called him dad and said no? We know you have self respect but we are your own people. Anjali says take loan from dad and return it later. Vikram says I am sorry but I can’t do that. He leaves.

Scene 3
Simar is getting Roshni’s stuff packed by Piyush. Roshni says what is this? Simar says you won’t live here. You will live in my room. I am taking your stuff. Roshni says thank you choti ma. She says its your right you are his wife. Roshni runs after Piyush. She says this is such a big thing for me. I won’t disappoint you. He goes in his room.
Roshni says I will do everything a wife should. Piyush says you are standing here because I can’t hurt my mom. I have not accepted you. I will behave as normal as I can outside this room but not in this room. Vadahi was my love and will always be. You can never have her place. He sleeps. Roshni is crying.

Piyush says what will we do? Simar says its totally up to anjali. Anjali comes in and says dad you called me? Prem says Vikram won’t take help from us but as a wife you can help him. Anjali says how can I? Simar says these are the papers of plot prem bought on your name. If you want you can sell it and give Vikram money.

Precap-Mataji says siamr we have to give this locket as well. Simar say no I bought this for vadahi. I have got a similar one made for Roshni. Prem says anajli has decided. Simar sees the papers and says why haven’t you signed them? Saroj says I told you she can never do anything for people.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wajeeha, I agree with your comment yesterday. What time of mother is Simar? She encouraged Piyush and Vaidehi ‘s relationship and marriage was set to take place, horoscopes matched and now she can’t understand why her son is so angry now ? Such a stupid character simar is, I hate when she’s talking almost whispering, her voice grates on my nerves. She gave vaidehi ‘s place to roshni because she would have killed herself, is that any grounds for a marriage.? The marriage should damn well fail. Simar needs to take some blame for what is happening in Piyush ‘s life ,instead she is laying the blame squarely on Piyush. He has a right to tell it as he feels.

  2. Leyla Ramadhani

    I see

  3. 90% Love marriages don’t happen, and simar is also not happy with roshini & Piyush, but the fact is he married roshini n has to accept as his wife,n it’s true fact going on now a days n simar can’t see anyone sad soshez trying to help, maybe roshini die n vaidehi might come back or maybe roshini n Piyush might be best couple’s…. that makers should decide,but the track is going on intresting were I started to watch again…..!! But I think simar might be replaced or she might die n Anjali takes place, waiting for what will happen…!!!
    No offence….It’s just my view

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