Sasural Simar Ka 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amar sneaks in the temple and takes the sindur from there, he is going out. Roli sees him and says you here?
Patali says get ready for punishment simar. This is your punishment. You have to walk on the coals. Simar is about to walk on them. Devika says in heart I have to do something. This is a good chance to be freed from chains. She sits in tears, pretending like she is apologizing. Patali says she is my slave and she will walk on them. Start walking simar. Simar comes near coals. Devika gets freed from the chains. Patali stands up. Devika says no matter how hard you try you can’t win. You think you are so powerful, you can’t do anything. Catch me, I challenge you.
Patali comes after devika, devika shoves her in the coals. Patali screams. Devika says in

heart she can do anything. I have to free simar first. I have to go from here. Patali screams. When she gets up devika isn’t there. Patali says go simar kill devika and bring her dead body. Simar says as you say. Devika is running simar is looking for her.

Mata ji says amar you didn’t inform that you were coming. Is there anything wrong? amar says I dont know how to surprise. I wanted to surprise you all. Roli says where were you taking this sindur. He says I was putting tilak. He puts it on his forehead. He says why are you looking like this? He touches Mata ji’s feet. Roli tells everyone.

DEvika hides from simar. Simar says I know you are here. You cant run from me. I will take you to patali devi.
Mata ji says to amar why are you so distracted? Uma says he misses simar’s tea. Roli says you have to drink mine, didi and devika have gone to mathura. amar says in heart if i don’t help her dont know what will happen.

simar is looking for Devika. She says if devika isnt here then where is she? SImar sees her. She grasps her hand and shoves her on the ground. Jahnvi comes in house, She sees amar with everyone. She hides behind the pillar. She says amar is still here. that means he couldn’t take the sindur.

Patali says it will be worst devika. You tries to kill me. I will get you killed by simar. Simar says you have tried to harm my patali devi, you have to be punished. I will kill you and serve you to her. Devika says this isn’t you. I am your sister devika. Simar says I am patali’s follower.
Simar shoves her and stands on her. Simar throttles devika. Devika faints. Simar brings her to patali and says I have brought devika’s dead body. Patali says devika I gave you a chance to stay alive. you had this coming. Patali says to simar you have passed, you are my follower now.

Precap-Anjali sees simar’s idol. She tells everyone in the house. She says that idol is like mama. Nirman says she is right. I saw it too. Mata ji says we should go there and check.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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